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On September 6, the Orioles celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Baltimore Black Sox' 1932 season. That year, the Sox were credited with a championship but never received the proper recognition since their league folded midseason. Current Orioles players and coaches wore 1932 Baltimore Black Sox replica uniforms during the game. The black sox was a negro league team.

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The orioles only wear black on Friday at home because this is their alternate uniform.

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Q: Why do the Baltimore Orioles wear black on Fridays?
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When at home, they wear a white shirt and pants with the word "Orioles" on the chest and their name and number on the back Ex: Roberts 1. They also have a patch on the left arm that features the Maryland flag. They have orange tips on their sleeves. The road uniform is gray with the word "Baltimore" on the chest. They also feature the name and number and patch. They also have a black uniform with the word "Orioles" with the name and number on the back and patch on arm.

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