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it reflects off

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Q: Why do tennis players have to wear white?
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What sport do players not wear white?

table tennis

In table tennis what is the only colour that players are not allowed to wear?


In what sport do the players wear all white?

Tennis at Wimbledon and Test cricket

What is the colour of dress who playing tennis in Wimbledon?

All players must wear white at Wimbledon.

Why do players wear white at Wimbledon?

It's an old tennis tradition. Wimbledon is only current tournament with a white-only rule.

Are competitors forbidden to wear white in olympic table tennis?

No, but the rules of table tennis say that the main colour of clothing must be clearly different from that of the ball in use. So if a white ball is being used, players cannot wear white shirts.

Why do female tennis players wear skirts?


What colour dress would players wear for Wimbledon tennis?

White, of course. Anything else and they won't let you on the court.

In which sport can you not wear white?

tablke tennis

What sport's can you wear white?

Table tennis

Tennis players wear skirts?

Yes tennis players do where skirts!! Well..... Kinda they where skorts which are skirts with shorts attached under neath.

Does tennis require uniforms?

No tennis doesn't have uniforms. It is not a team game, but individual players. Players often wear a particular style of dress.

Are the US Open tennis players asked to wear a certain color?


Do tennis players wear thongs when they're playing?

yes some them do

Are you allowed to wear white in table tennis?

I don't think it really matters what colour you wear in table tennis.

In what sport are you not allowed to wear white?

table tennis

What is appropriate tennis apparel to wear at a very nice country club?

Appropriate tennis apparel to wear at a very nice country club, would be the usual white top with white tennis skirt for women, or white shorts for men, and tennis shoes.

What do girl tennis players wear?

they wear a sports bra and shorts and headband! im 9! SMART!

Why don't professional tennis players ever wear sunglasses?

Too restrictive

Why do tennis players sometimes wear headbands?

Simply to keep sweat out of their eyes.

Which tennis players wear a jockstrap?

Probably most male tennis players wear either a jockstrap or some kind of supportive sports undergarment, e.g. compression shorts, jock boxers, athletic briefs, etc.

Do tennis players wear a cup?

No, tennis players do not wear cups, but they probably should because the serve comes in very fast and it could really to some damage if it hit you square in the family jewels. (penis and testicles.)

What type of shoe do the french call Des tennis?

tennis is the low-cut sport trainers, which used to be white, used by tennis players.

Why do tennis players wear tape below the knee?

What colors do soccer players wear in Italy?

Soccer players in italy wear (Home):blue (Away) White