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They are to inform the swimmer how deep the water is. It is always good to know the depth for safety reasons. It is not a good idea to dive into a 3 foot deep pool.

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Q: Why do swimming pools have to have signs with the depth of the water?
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Do Swimming Pools Just contain water?

No. Swimming Pools contain water with chlorine

Why is the water in swimming pools cool in sunlight?

The swimming pools have thermostat heaters and coolers. They control the water tempeature.

Why is fluorine added to swimming pools?

To disinfect basically. It preserves the water quality of the swimming pools.

Why do swimming pools have clorine?

Swimming pools have chlorine to rid of germs in the water such a ;wee and Bogey...eghhh

What is water essential for?

swimming pools

Which is bigger a wadding pool or a swimming pool?

All of the wading pools I have ever seen in over 20 years in the swimming pool business are very small compared to swimming pools. A wading pool is typically for small children. In general the pools are one foot or less in depth and anywhere from 6 feet to 10 feet circular or in a square. You cannot swim in a normal wading pool. A swimming pool generally starts at 2 and 1/2 feet to 3 feet in depth and goes to 6 feet or 8 feet. You can swim in a swimming pool because you have enough depth of the water to do so.

Why swimming pools are dangerous?

Swimming pools are dangerous because if you hit your head on the side of the pool and get knocked out, you will go into the water unconcious and drown.

Where does the water in swimming pools come from?


Does water wizz have swimming pools?


How would you find the mass of water in a swimming pool?

You would measure the swimming pools length, width and depth to determine how many cubic feet of water is in the swimming pool. Length x Width x depth = cubic feet. Then measure the mass of 1 cubic foot of water by building a box 1'x1'x1'. Once you know the mass of 1 cubic foot of water - you'll know the mass of the water in the swimming pool.

Will mosquitoes hatch in swimming pools?

Mosquitoes will hatch in swimming pools if the water is stagnant, However if the water is regularly run through filtration and chlorinated this should not be a problem.

What units would you use to find the volume of an above ground swimming pool?

Swimming pools in the US are usually measured in gallons. In computing water gallonage of swimming pools in rectangular shapes (measurements must be feet) the formula Length x width x depth x 7.5 = the total gallonage is used.

Is H20 inside swimming pools?

Yes, yes it is. H2O is also known as water. Water is found in pools.

Could you get head lice from swimming pools?

No, you cant get Head lice from swimming in pools. The water actually kills them, because they'll drowned.

Do children like salt water swimming pools?


Which swimming pools are better Fiberglass swimming pools or cement swimming pools?

Fiberglass pools are less susceptible to having problems with the finish if your water chemistry is off. They do tend to have some problems with warping that you won't have with a cement pool. The fiberglass liner is usually cheaper also.

What is the minimum depth of water when using a starting block in the Olympics?

When using a starting block in the Olympics swimming pools, the minimum water depth is 1.35 meters, which is 4.43 feet deep. From the end wall the depth can range between 1 meter to 6 meters, or 3.28 feet to 19.69 feet.

Why it is so easy to swim in sea water than swimming pools?

Sea water contains lots of dissolved salts. Thus the density of the salty sea water is more than that of water in swimming pools, and the salty water lifts you more than fresh water, which make swimming easier.

Where is water used for leisure purposes?

swimming pools and water sports =3

How much water is in a average swimming pool?

length x width x average depth x 7.5 for a rectangular pool. Odd shaped pools have a different formula.

How do you clean up oily water in swimming pools?


What is soda ash for swimming pools?

Raising the pH of the water.

How do you remove water men from swimming pools?

With a big net!

Does Rhode Island have salt water swimming pools?


Is the swimming pool water cold?

define water ^ what kind of answer is that? "define water." its a simple question. is swimming pool water cold? the water found in swimming pools. now for an answer, water temp varies between pools. some are cold and some are warmer.