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because the straps from the costumes can sometimes be a little tight and rub when moving your arms above your head.they also use vasaline.

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Q: Why do swimmers use lubricant in the triathlon?
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What is the most durable brand of wetsuits for use in a triathlon?

The most durable brand of wetsuit for use in a triathlon is either Blue Seventy, or Neosport. Most triathlon swimmers use these brands as they are cut at the calf for flexibility, have sealed seams, and use a special material to help you swim with less resistance. You can find these brands at

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When can advise be found about triathlon wetsuits?

The best option to find information is to go to the local store with triathlon wetsuits. Another good option is to use the internet to find more information about triathlon wetsuits.

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If you mean what muscles swimmers use most, they are the abs, lats, triceps and shoulders. Basically the core muscles.Whilest swimmers use a vast majority of muscles, the commonly termed "swimmers muscle" is the Latissimus Dorsi.

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