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They shave their entire body so they can move through the water faster.

-Lack of hair has nothing to do with speed for swimmers (or very little). When you shave your body, you are not only removing hair, but the layer of dead skin cells on the top of your skin as well. The idea is to remove all of the gunk and buildup on your skin so that when you enter the water, it feels different. Basically, all of the stimulation gives your body a shot of endorphins when you dive into the pool (kind of like steroids, without the drugs). That is why people swim faster after just shaving.

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Q: Why do swimmers shave their entire body?
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Is it gay for guys to shave their legs?

Not necessary. Some swimmers shave their legs and entire body for less resistance in the water.

Do models shave their arms?

Some models shave their arms. Model, swimmers and body builders all tend to shave their arms. It is personal preference unless the photographer asks you to.

Is it okay if guys shave their legs?

Lots of athletes shave their legs, especially swimmers.

Why do swimmers go faster when they shave?

It reduces the drag of his or her, guys shave too, legs or arms

Do professional swimmers need to shave their legs?

Shaving off all body hair does give you a slight edge as you are more streamlined.

Why do some swimmers sometimes shave their hair when they swim?

To reduce drag

How is streamlining used in sport?

To ensure there is as little friction or drag as possible for example the streamlined helmets that bicyclists wear or the full body swim suits that are becoming popular for swimmers. Swimmers also shave body hair to streamline their bodies and reduce drag.

What do you need to shave when you are a swimmer?

Many male swimmers shave their legs, armpits and chest hair to glide faster through the water.

How long does it take for weed to leave 180 strands of hair after 1 blunt?

shave or nair your entire body

Why do athletes shave their legs?

Athletes shave their legs to eliminate as much wind or water resistance as possible. Swimmers actually see pretty significant decreases in their time when they shave their bodies.

How do you shave a horses mane?

No You cut it but you can shave there body

Do you shave before you wash your body?

Yes I shave my body befour I shower to get all the sope off my body.

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