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to calm down

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Q: Why do swimmers go into the pool after the competition?
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What do swimmers do when they reach the end of the swimming pool?

go back or get out , its simple

Why do the Olympic swimmers get out of big pool and into small pool?

loosen muscles

Does the depth of the London swimming pool hinder or help the swimmers?

The dept of the swimming pool dosnt matter because the swimmers dont touch the bottom at all.

How many swimmers swim during swimming competition?


Why are you not allowed to use life jackets in the pool at the deep end?

The deep end of a pool is where good swimmers can go, where they can enjoy. People with life jackets don't really belong there.

What is the minimum amount of lanes in an olympic swimming pool?

FINA which is the world governing body for international swimming calls for a 50 Meter pool with 8 lanes. However movement is being created for having pools built with 10 lanes, with the outer 2 not being used for competition. (The waves created by swimmers bounces off the side walls and 'slows' down the swimmers in those lanes, thus an buffer is created by not using lanes 1 and 10 in competition). That said, if you are talking about size, Olympic generally refers to the length of the pool, not the number of lanes.

How do you measure a lap in a pool?

A lap in a pool is measured by the long side of the pool. The longest length of the pool is often used for races by swimmers.

What to do when it storming when you at an outdoors swimming pool and you are lifeguarding?

If it is just rain, you stay on your tower and guard the swimmers. If there is thunder & lightning, you clear the pool and wait 20 minutes from the last display of thunder & lightning before letting the swimmers back in the water. It is best if the swimmers are not standing on a wet pool deck while waiting for the all-clear to re-enter the pool.

What is the little pool used for in olympic diving?

To keep the swimmers warm. The large pool is cold

How many swimmers are in the world?

There were 900 pool swimmers, and 50 open water swimmers.

Should you wear your speedo or swim trunks to the beach?

Speedos are worn by swimmers for competition. If you feel comfortable wearing them at the beach, go ahead and wear them.

Who safeguards the Swimmers?

In most if not all public pools the people that keep the kids safe in the pool are the lifeguards. They monitor all the swimmers and minimize horse play and dangerous activity. Parents should also help safe guard the swimmers in training them how to have pool safety.