Why do swimmers eat so much?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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I wouldnt necessarily call it "Fatty" Food that swimmers need. Swimming is a sport that requires many muscles and parts of your body to work in a near-perfect harmony so that you can swim faster. This burns many many many calories per day depending on how much you swim. To keep a swimmers daily calorie intake normal and balanced after burning 1100+ calories a day; that swimmer must eat how ever more calories it has burned then usually so that each day they intake around 2000 calories.

A swimmer who has to eat extra calories a day ( like me ;] ) can eat whatever to keep its daily intake back on track. This could be done by eating Cupcakes and burgers all day or eating things like pasta, or other Regular food. Usually it will be found that swimmers don't eat fatty foods to re-gain calories because if your competitively swimming later that day - it doesn't feel that good. The best thing for a swimmer to eat is Pasta before they swim.

Hope that helped!

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Swimmers exercise. When you exercise, your metabolism boosts up. Higher metabolism causes you to eat more.

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Q: Why do swimmers eat so much?
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