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A jockstrap holds your manhood- penis and testicles very closely to the body to prevent injury. In doing so, the tight grip securing your boys close to your body in conjunction to the heat generated by playing sports (lots of sweat everywhere including between your legs, generates a strong smell. Jock straps are minimal- no rear coverage and usually made of breathable material in order for the amound of trapped air to be minimal.
A man's testicles sweat under normal circumstances. Add the closeness and the extra heat generated by sports, the smell increases. Also remember- big smells hide in small places. With no where to go, a smell can increase until it is released in the air.
As a sports player, when we hit the locker room, as we tear off our uniforms to hit the showers, we are sure to bury our dirty sweaty jocks under our uniforms as to minimize the smell in the air.

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Q: Why do sweaty jockstraps stink worse than all other underwear?
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