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There wasn't a professional football league in Wales at the time each club was founded, so they decided to join the closest one that was in existence. They're not the only Welsh clubs to play in the English league system: Wrexham and Newport Country have played in the Football League, and Merthyr Tydfil have reached the highest level in the non-league pyramid. The only downside to their participation in the English League is that they're not allowed to compete in the Welsh Cup, and so cannot qualify for Europe via that route.

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Q: Why do swansea city and Cardiff city play in the English football leagues?
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How many welsh football teams in English league?

Two in the big leagues: Cardiff and Swansea.

Why are Celtic and Rangers not aloud to play in the English leagues but Cardiff and Swansea are?

Technically they are but they'd have to enter the English division system in the lowest league and work their way up, which is what Cardiff and Swansea have done.

What welsh teams play football in England?

Cardiff and swansea are in the football league, but wrexham, Newport county,colwyn bay and merthyr tydfil also play in lower English leagues

Is Cardiff better at football than swansea?


Why aren't Celtic and Glasgow Rangers in the English football league but Swansea and Cardiff City are?

Traditionally Cardiff and Swansea joined the English League because there was no league of wales when they were formed. The actual League of Wales only came into being in 1992.

What players have played for Cardiff Swansea Newport Wrexham in the English football league?

only David Giles ever achieved this feat

Who won the Cardiff city verses swansea football club derby on the 6th February 2011?

Cardiff city, the best football team ever! Craig bellamy scored from 30 yards out to win for Cardiff on the 85th minute making the full time result 0-1 to Cardiff. It was played at home to Swansea

Which football team has the worst hooligans?

Milwall , Cardiff City , Swansea City ,Witham Town Football Club and TOTTENHAm

Is there a Hollister in Swansea?

No, the nearest is Cardiff

What is the distance from Cardiff to Swansea?

Swansea is about 38 miles away from Cardiff, or about 1 hour driving and it is exactly 55.5933154789 kilometres away.

How far is it from swansea to Cardiff?

38.44 miles

What are two city in wales?

Cardiff and Swansea

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