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It provides a place to eat, sleep and train. Food is plentiful to help them gain weight. They train with the others in their stable so there are always training partners. The stable provides them with all the necessities they need.

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Sumo wrestlers belong to a sumo stable. There they live and train year round.

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Q: Why do sumo wrestlers live in a sumo training stable?
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Where do sumo live?

Most of them live in Japan. Sumo wrestlers live in a 'stable' where they train and live. They will spend most of their day in the stable eating, training and sleeping.

Are sumo wrestlers allow to have wives?

Anyone can become a sumo wrestler. The first step is to be accepted into a sumo stable, a sort of club or commune where you live and train. You can enter a stable at a young age, as young as 13.

Do sumo wrestlers compete only with wrestlers of their weight?

No, there are no weight classes in sumo. So a wrestler can be matched up with someone who is much heavier. That is why weight gain is so important in sumo training.

Where do the sumo wrestlers train?

One of the oldest and most respected is the Tomozuna stable .

How do sumo wrestlers practice?

They practice against other sumo wrestlers. Each stable has one or more trainers that will help them work out. Often they will lift weights or push against posts.

What is the name of a sumo wrestlers belt? they are licensed to sell them. look them up they have what you will need for your sumo training.

Where does a gay Chinese sumo wrestlers live?


What do sumo wrestlers do to be one?

They get accepted into a sumo stable. Once there they train for many years and begin their trip up through the ranks.

Are sumo wrestlers Chinese or Japanese?

Sumo is a Japanese sport. There are Chinese sumo wrestlers.

Who is more stronger wrestlers or sumo wrestlers?

This depends on the sumo wrestler and wrestler in question. However, it can generally be agreed that sumo wrestlers are stronger. (However, many recreational/amateur sumo wrestlers are not strong)

How many years do sumo wrestlers have to train?

All their lives, starting when they are admitted to a stable at about age 13.

How can sumo wrestlers make themselves more stable?

Lowering their center of gravity. That is the reason they 'squat' when squaring off, the lower they have their base, the more stable they are.