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There are two possible reasons for this: 1) Personal preference 2) Uniforms (including shoes) can be mandated by a team

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Q: Why do sports players wear black shoes?
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What color shoes to wear with a black sports coat and brown pants?

black with brown colour shoe

How are college sports teams endorsed by Nike?

Nike pays players to wear their shoes and endorse them, so Nike makes more money. Players want to be endorsed by Nike because THEY get paid to wear the shoes. Nike isn't the only company that does that, though.

What color shoes to wear with a black sports coat and brown slacks?

You can go either way.

Why does soccer players wear cleats?

Soccer players need friction/traction to help control their movements. Basically, it's just the concept of shoes in daily wear or other sports, but with more control to help with the grass.

What does a man wear as a guest to a spring wedding?

Men can wear black; brown; blue; pin stripe suits or a sports jacket in a mocha color (coffee/cream color) and slacks to suit the sports jacket, with a shirt to go with the sports jacket and a tie. The shows should match the suit or sports jacket and slacks (example: blue, black ... black shoes; pin stripe with gray in it or blue can be worn with black shoes; but, brown suits or sports jackets with brown slacks (including mocha color) should be worn with brown shoes. If you do not own a suit; sports jacket or slacks and do not feel you will get much wear out of it then you can go to a wedding rental shop and rent everything.

Can you wear black stockings with red shoes?

can you wear red evening shoes with black stockings and a black dress

Do olympic participants have to wear shoes?

When they are competing in their sport they must wear shoes - water sports of course do not require shoes.

What colour shoes do you wear with black pants?

In my opinion i would wear black or white shoes/boots

Why do football players wear shoes having studs on shoes?


What shoes do guys wear?

sports shoes...sometimes leather shoes i guess, trainers and the like

What is the proper color shoes to wear with a white shirt and jeans?

You should wear black shoes because black goes with everything.

What kind a shoes do football players were?

Football players wear cleats, these are shoes with spikes on the bottom to give better traction to the person wearing them.

What shoes do dentists wear?

The dentist wear black or regular shoes but not flip flops or sandles

What color shoes should you wear with a purple top and black skinny jeans?

You should wear: gold, silver, black, or white shoes.

What color stockings should you wear with a black dress?

A black dress give you a range what to choose. Wear same color shoes as your stockings, unless your shoes are black.

What color shoes should you wear with a silver dress?

Black or red shoes, you can go to FashionTIY to see.

Why is Pope Francis wearing black shoes?

The pope can choose whatever color shoes he wishes to wear. Francis has decided to forgo the customary red shoes worn by pontiffs and wear simple black shoes.

What kind of shoes do American football players wear?


What kind of shoes to football players wear?

Football cleats.

What shoes should you wear with a black knee length dress for a wedding?

what shoes should I wear with black knee length wedding guest dress

Can you wear beige shoes with a black dress?

Dark shoes better.

What colour shoes should you wear with orange dress?

Black shoes. Black and orange look nice.

What are the common wear and tears in shoes?

There is hardly any common wear and tear in shoes. The quality of the material of the shoes and the number of times the shoes are worn by people differ greatly. Walking, running, and playing sports will also affect wear and tear.

What kind of shoes do football players wear?

Cleats. If you mean brands, different players wear different brands, sometimes depending on team sponsorship.

What color shoes should you wear with purple dress to a wedding?

Black or even beige depending on other accessories; your hose should probably match shoes; unless its possibly its daytime or summer and inapproriate to wear black hose. However you still can wear black shoes; just wear 'natural' colored hose.