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Sometimes runners vomit after running because they didn't eat anything before they ran or they have a stomache ache. Running on an empty stomache causes you to vomit because you have no calories to burn.

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Q: Why do some runners vomit after running?
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How common is vomiting after running?

The majority of runners in a race will not vomit after they run. However, if you eat/drink dairy products or foods that upset your stomach before a race and/or run very, very hard, there is a chance that it will happen to you. I think it happens to all runners at least a few times in their running careers.

Why do runners vomit black?

it means you need to squeeze your balls and SUCK IT UP.

Is a throbbing pain in the knee a common leg injury for runners?

It is very common for runners to experience pain in their knees. There is actually a term called "runners knee" that refers to the pain that some runners endure from running. It can be caused by improper shoes, or running to fast and hard. You can try to treat it with ice packs and anti-inflammatories, but if it persists I would advise seeing your doctor.

Is there a website where I could buy some running shorts from the running warehouse?

The Running Warehouse store has a web presence at They carry a full line of running shorts as well as many other products for runners.

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It is a site for runners. So, when you go to Running Warehouse you are going to find running shoes, as well as gear, clothing, GPS, watches, and anything for runners.

Where can I shop at a running warehouse?

Kelly's Running Warehouse and the Running Warehouse are both online stores. Some cities have retail stores in which they cater to experienced runners and have very knowledgeable staff who can help.

What does running mean in asexual reproduction?

Some plants such as bamboo or Kentucky Blue Grass have roots called runners. They seem like a cross between a root and a stem. At places they break through the ground and a new plant grows at that point. It is genetically identical to the original plant in other words, a clone. These runners keep running and putting out more plants. It might take a while, but the runners can make one sprig of Kentucky Blue Grass fill a whole lawn. Running means putting out runners.

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A store does not 'sell' runners warehouse. Runners Warehouse and Kelly's Running Warehouse are two online running shoe and apparel retailers. They both offer great prices and selection.

Will runners get problems by running clockwise side?


How do New Zealand runners train?

By running.

What are people in running races called?

Runners? :)

What do people wear for running in the Olympics?

runners wore running shoes and athletic wear

Where should I shop for mesh running shoes? had some mesh runners for 100 dollars and up. Also had a great selection of mesh runners for 71.00 to 100 dollars. Very nice shoes.

Do marathon runners poop on themselves?

Sometimes. Most runners take care to use the restroom before starting the race. On some occasions, runners have dropped out of the race, temporarily, to use the facilities provided along the race course. Some few incontinent runners will wear special undergarments to avoid embarrassment, although this is hard to disguise in most professional running apparel.

Does it band prevent runners from running?

While ITBS will not explicitly prevent you from running, it can cause sever pain at the knee, which will stop most runners from moving. It can be treated by icing and elevating the leg.

Are there companies that specifically make running shoes and what are they?

Yes, many companies cater to runners and running shoes. Some of the better known companies are: new balance, aasics, mizuno, or saucony, are some big name brands.

When do runners eat?

One hour before running

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What is the history of running?

The sport of running has a long history. The ancient Greeks incorporated running into the Olympics. Runners would train by running with armor on.

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The runners warehouse blog site can be found at You can easily visit the runners warehouse blog for running and competition products.

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There are some great brands of running watches at your local running stores or at big box stores such as Walmart or Target. Of course, you could also find a running watch online with multiple reviews.

What is a good brand for running shorts?

Runnersworld offers some great advice on what to buy runners of specific genders, ages, and running ability. I would take into account all of this and read that article.

What are some reviews on Vibram Five Fingers?

Vibram Five fingers shoes are really an awsome shoes launched by the company for runners. Foots of the runners while running are pretty much relax which is helpful in getting more stamina.

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