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because your adrenalin is high, and you have a lot of energy but you don't want to waste it, so you just get nervous and go nuts!

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Q: Why do some people thrive under pressure of performance?
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What pars of your job do you find the most difficult?

The part of a job that one would find to be the most difficult varies. Some people cannot stand working under pressure while other people would thrive under pressure. This will totally vary from one person to another.

How do you respond to working under pressure?

Many people respond negatively to working under pressure. Because of the stress put on people while under pressure, they will easily make mistakes and get anxiety.

Is it true under pressure most people likely to become monsters?

No. It is not true to say that most people are likely to become monsters under pressure.

How can you use the word thrive in a sentence?

In order to thrive, ancient civilisations needed to be founded near rivers or water sources.The population began to thrive.

Under which extreme conditions do halophiles thrive?

salt concentration

How are you when you're working under pressure?

I really like to work under pressure cause of that I can discover my abilities and how I'm hard worker, but in other side you have to recognize which kind of pressure you have example: in my present work I have a lot of pressure with my customers and our showroom staff, so I can handle and manage with them, but if my manager put me under pressure to finish some job I'll keep the priority for the most important subjects that he ask about.

Peer pressure can be intensified by the existence of?

It can probably be intensified with people under the influence of alcohol to pressure people, or under the influence of drugs even perhaps. Those factors seem to be the higher the risk of peer pressure. Whenever something dangerous like that is involved, peer pressure usually heightens.

Why do people work well under pressure?

Some people work well under pressure because it can increase focus and motivation, leading to a sense of urgency that drives productivity. Additionally, pressure can bring out high levels of creativity and problem-solving skills in individuals, as they are forced to think quickly and make decisions efficiently.

Under the pendleton act people would gain government jobs according to?

their performance on competitive written examinations.

How do you work effectively under pressure?

Working well under pressure can be difficult for many while easy for others. Remember to breath and take time on the project it might take until the deadline to be finished but it will get there.

Explain the difference between complete and substantial performance?

Complete performance under a contract is when a party performs exactly as they were supposed to under the contract. Substantial performance is when a party performed but there was a minor deficit in their performance

What type of circumstances do you feel bring out the best in your work If I'm asked this in a job interview how would I answer?

I thrive in a challenging environment and excel under pressure. I have displayed strong leadership skills under ambiguity/ambiguous situations. While I have experience working independently, I perform my best in a team.