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Q: Why do some people refuse to participate in research?
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What are some strategies for recruiting participants for research studies?

Offering time and travel expenses. If it was for free, people would be less likely to participate.

Why do the Australia and Antarctica continents cannot participate in Olympics?

I don't know about Australia, but Antarctica cannot participate because it has no real residents. The only people that live there are only living there temporarily and only to do scientific research. To participate in the olympics, a county must have some permanent residents to participate in all the events.

Why did some people not participate in the Holocaust?

They didn't want to participate. The Holocaust was the mass genecide of some 6 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and other "undesired people". What's amazing is the number of people who DID participate.

What alternatives to lung biopsy may be warranted?

Some people may be eligible to participate in clinical trials, research programs conducted with patients to evaluate a new medical treatment, drug, or device.

Do people still participate in Earth Day activities?

Well, some do and some don't.

Should humans have the ethical right to refuse to participate in experiment?

I believe they do. I stood outside a biology class when we had to dissect a sheep, the teacher allowed me and some other friends. If a teacher refused, they must have a lack of brain-power and consideration.However, it should be noted that "the ethical right to refuse to participate" does not equate to "the ethical right to refuse to participate and still receive credit". It's easy to have principles when they don't cost you anything. So, yes, you should be allowed to opt out, but if you decide to opt out of, say, half the experiments, you do not have the right to then whine about not getting an A in the class.

What sport people participate in?

ALOT, But some include:RugbyFootballSoccerBasketballLacrosseCricket*Hope this helps.

Do the rich people help the poor people?

most do. some don't. some are greedy and refuse to help the less fortunate.

What are some free competitions people can participate in?

There are many free competitions that people can participate in. Many people hold 5k road races where one can choose to donate, but can still compete in the competition for free.

Why will the Olympics affect people differently?

Some people will participate, some will enjoy watching, some will be inspired, some will make a lot of money and of course others will not

Why are some people opposed to stem cell research?

This type of research requires that cells are taken from an embryo. Some people are opposed to stem cell research because they think it is unethical.

Why is circumcision surgery rejected by some Israeli Jews?

A very small percentage of Jews in Israel are choosing to not circumcise their sons because of the nature of secularism in Israel. Many secular Jews in Israel are militantly so and a percentage of these people refuse to participate in any Jewish rituals whatsoever.