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So that they can hide there Ummmm.........

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Q: Why do soccer players wear shorts?
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What do soccer players usually wear?

soccer jersey, soccer shorts, soccer socks, shinguards, and cleats.

What kind of clothing does a soccer player wear?

soccer players wear cleats,shin guards,tank top shirts,and kinda baggy shorts

What should soccer players wear?

A shirt, shorts, shin guards, socks and boots with cleats.

Why do soccer players wear spandex under their shorts?

To keep there junk from falling out or flopping around

What do rugby players wear under their shorts?

Rugby Players Wear Compression Shorts Under Their Shorts Usually.

Can soccer Players wear under shorts if they are of the same color as the main color of the shorts?

Yes. A soccer player may wear undershorts if they are completely concealed, or if any exposed part of the garmet matches the color of the main color of the kit shorts.

What is sports wear shorts?

Shorts are worn in playing many summer sports. Basketball and football (soccer) are notable for their players wearing shorts, as are track and field events.

Do soccer teams wear only shorts or only pants?

you wear pant and shorts.

What do basketball players wear on their legs?


How do you dress like a soccer player with out the uniform?

Soccer players usually wear soccer shorts and loose t-shirts. They will also often wear soccer sweat pants and t-shirts that are related to soccer. The girls usually have their hair pulled back and out of their face as well. NO tank tops or tight shirts are worn by real soccer players!

Do soccer players wear jocks?

No- because a soccer ball can not travel fast enough to cause serious injury. They usually wear briefs under their soccer shorts. Although taking a block to the groin doesn't feel amazing still.

What do famous soccer players wear?

Famous soccer players wear the same compulsary gear as the rest of the non-famous soccer world. These things include: - a Sleeved Shirt (some players may wear long seeved but most wear short sleeved) - Shorts - Socks (that are atleast knee length) - Shingaurds (that provide a descent amount of protection - Boots Some players wear things that arent compulsary include: - Skins - Undershirts - Gloves The famous players will wear brands that they have been sponsored by.

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