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the goalies wear different colour shirts so that the referee can tell between the outfield players and the goalie. If the goalie didn't wear a different shirt, an outfield player could handle the ball and get away with it, as it might bbe hard to spot who touched the ball.

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Under Law 4 (IFAB Laws of the Game, published by FIFA), goalkeepers are required to wear a jersey of a different color than their team, the opposing team, the opposing goalkeeper, and the referees. The purpose of this law is to allow the referee and the opposing team to know who is allowed to touch the ball with their hands within their own penalty area. Law 3 requires that one of a team's eleven players be a goalkeeper; it is not optional.

Additional information: Some people believe that a goalkeeper's special jersey is a status symbol to make them look better than "regular" players, or that it's required to be brightly-colored to aid the referee's vision (along with gloves). All of these suppositions are false. Gloves, track suit bottoms, elbow pads, and knee pads are pieces of optional equipment that many goalkeepers wear, but they aren't required.

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Great question, the answer is so that you can tell that it is the goal keeper that is coming to get the ball because he is allowed to touch it with his hands.

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They kit designers come up with the color, the only requirement is that it is different from the outfield players' kits.

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Q: Why do soccer goalies wear different colored shirts than rest of the team?
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