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they need protection in water from dangerous animals also there is a problem in breathing so they carry gas cylinder.

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Q: Why do scuba divers wear the diving suit?
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How do scuba divers sink if they ave tanks of compressed air on their backs?

Scuba divers also wear lead weights on a belt

What do you need to wear be safe while going scuba diving?

Wet suit, oxygen tank and mask, flippers would help.

Why are most scuba diving helments brown?

SCUBA means self contained breathing apparatus. Most scuba divers wear neoprene hoods and these come in a variety of colours. I think you are talking about standard dress or hard hat diving where the diver has a big spherical helmet and lead boots. These divers are not SCUBA as they have air pumped from the surface. These helmets look brown because they are made of brass and copper which turns brown when it oxidises. If you polished it up, it would look gold in colour.

What do you call the suit that divers wear?

diver suit... I don't knew and IDC

Why deep sea divers wear diving suits?

Deep sea divers wear diving suits in order to prevent their body by the harmful effects of maximum pressure at greater depth in seas and ocean.

Why do scuba divers wear a suit?

This is to provide thermal protection usually, though it also protects against getting cuts scrapes or stings from rocks or corals, the main reason is thermal protection

Why does the diver wear a metallic cover while going into the sea?

Perhaps you are referring to a breast plate. A bp is what commercial divers wear that allows them to go under and work. Sport divers don't wear complicated gear. Commercial divers wear an outfit that protects them from a harsh environment. Hardhat, breast plate, suit, shoes, wt. belt, air line to the surface with unlimited air supply according to the depth they are diving at.

Why do scuba divers wear heavy metallic suits?

Scuba divers do not wear heavy metal suits. Perhaps you are referring to the bulky looking Mark 5 dive gear with the large helmet and the breast plate that weighs 64 pounds. Suit weighs 25 lbs. Each shoe weighs 25 lbs. Oh, the weight belt the diver wears is 60 to 80 lbs. All this weight is needed to get the diver to sink from all the air inside the helmet.

Why do divers wear swim suit?

To protect against cold at depths

What is a harness used for in scuba diving?

a harness is a weight belt that you wear like a jacket

What is the vest that you wear in scuba diving called and what is its purpose?

The vest is simply called a scuba vest. It's to hold your air tank and regulators :)

How do you do deep diving in the ocean?

Deep diving in the ocean is done very carefully in special suits and helmets. Pressure under the ocean is significant and can be immense by the time you are down a few hundred feet. Scuba diving is sometimes used commercially, but only to depths of about 120 feet. - Many large dockyards and navies employ 'clearance divers ' to repair items on the bottom of ships and work on the dockyard floor. These divers wear heavy canvas suits and large hard helmets, fed air by lines from the surface. They can work down to 300 feet deep or so. Research and oilfield divers can wear special hard suits that allow them to go down almost 1,000 ft. These divers often wear "Newt suits" made by the Canadian company Nuytco Research in Vancouver.

What is the ocean temperature in West Palm Beach Florida in March for scuba diving?

around a wonderful 80 degrees. My husband and I dive around there and the keys several times a year and will wear only a bathing suit and rash guard. If you intend to dive deeper than 50ft. I would wear atleast a 3 mil suit.

Is an HO Shorty Neoprene wetsuit suitable for scuba diving?

Of course, you can wear a shorty, a full-length or even a body suit or bathing suit for diving. Just make sure it keeps you warm/cool enough and protects you from uncomfortable rubbing of your gear. It does matter where you are, though. In cold water, such as the North Sea, a dry suit is much more advisable. Your wetsuit would be fine for more comfortable climes.

Can you wear contact lenses while Deep Sea Diving?

Yes. If you are very myopic there is no point in diving without contacts because you won't see anything. You can't wear glasses under a scuba mask.

How much does an old scuba diving suit weigh?

Scuba means self contained breathing apparatus and it was actually a bit lighter in the past than today because divers tended not to wear dry suits and had lower pressure air tanks.I think you are referring to standard dress, heavy dress or hard hat diving suits. These had big brass helmets and heavy weighted boots. The helmet displaced many litres of water and the suit contained air too, As a result the helmet was heavy as were the boots and divers often put additional chest weights on. The all up weight of the suit, boots and helmet was well over 80kg. People who used these suits stood on the floor to work, so even more weight would sometimes be used to help with some tasks. Standard dress as it is known is not used very much in the West and are generally only kept by collectors but is still used in Asia for commercial diving work.80 kgs or about 170 lbs

What gear do you wear for scuba diving?

BCD, Regulator[first stage], mask, fins, snorkle + other accesories

What does the appropriate attire for an oceanographer?

When working in the office, oceanographers were the same type of clothing other professionals wear. When working in the ocean, they wear wet suits, diving masks, and SCUBA gear.

How can you pee while scuba diving?

Believe it or not, there are several alternatives. In a wet suit ... just do it. If you are in a dry suit, then you can wear adult diapers ... or if you are a male, you can add a "p-valve" which utilizes an external catheter (i.e. condom type) that attaches to a tube that is attached to the drysuit so a male diver can relieve himself outside the drysuit now.

What the function of a crocodile's webbed foot?

Improved ability to swim. Same reason scuba divers wear swim fins on their feet- you swim better.

What does a marine bioloigist wear?

scuba diving equiment

Why do deep sea divers wear specially designed suit?

because under the sea atmospheric pressure is high

Where do you get the diving suit on panfu?

all you do is click on the underwater school and you get also you can wear it when your not a gold panda :)

How is buoyancy used by scuba divers?

SCUBA divers control their buoyancy to keep off the sea floor or from floating up to the surface, to avoid obstacles both above and below them, and to have a more relaxing dive with minimal physical effort. As a diver changes depth, they need to either add or release air from their buoyancy compensator (BC or BCD) to maintain neutral buoyancy. A diver in control of their buoyancy can move through the water with minimal fin input and breath control making the dive a lot more enjoyable (not to mention longer due to not using a lot of air inefficiently to maintain buoyancy control). Buoyancy is not really used by scuba divers, but it does act against them. Since the human body and the gear during scuba diving is held up by the water, especially at farther down depths of the ocean, where the water is more dense because of the weight of the water and the air holding it down. Because of the buoyancy, the divers have to wear weights to offset this buoyancy. Since in scuba diving you use wetsuits, and since these suits have nitrogen bubbles to assist insulation, this makes you float even more. And since your cells contain lipids and other materiels that are lighter than the water, this makes you float even more. This means that scuba divers must use weights to offset the buoyancy.

Why do scuba divers prefer open heel fins?

Generally speaking, you need to use open heel fins if you are intending to wear either wet suit booties, or a dry suit. Closed heel fins can only be used on bare skin (or maybe wearing socks), so cannot be used when you need to wear exposure protection on your feet in colder water. But not all divers prefer open heel fins - when I dive in tropical waters, I much prefer closed heel fins, as they are lighter and I don't have to carry booties.