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The average human uses about 25 litres of air per minute (at sea level) and since a Scuba tank is between 10 and 15 litres, if the gas wasn't compressed, it wouldn't even last a minute.

By compressing the gas, it is possible to get 4500 litres of air or more in to the tank. This means the diver has much more air to use on a dive

Air consumption per minute is tidal volume x breaths/minute. Average for an adult is 0.5 liters x 20 bpm = 6 lpm. Also the most common scuba tank holds 80 cubic feet or ~ 2300 liters.

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Q: Why do scuba divers need increased pressure in the air tank?
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Why does a scuba diver need increased gas pressure in the air tank?

Scuba divers require increased air pressures in their air tanks while diving because the pressure on their bodies increases.

Before a diver dives will he will take a deep breath or hyperventilate?

Free divers do but scuba divers do not need to. Scuba divers take their air with them and would have no need to hyperventilate.

What do scuba divers need for a good education?

Like all adults or older teenagers; scuba divers need English and Maths also physics and scuba diving training. Hope I answered your question xx

Are scuba divers fat?

Generally no. They need to be quite fit to be able to swim in the water :)

Why do scuba divers need math?

they need to know how long they can be underwater, and how deep they can go with the air in the tank.

Why do scuba divers need decompress?

If they don't then small bubbles can form in their blood, and in some severe cases it can kill them.

Why do scuba divers need to exhale when they ascend to the surface?

As the diver ascends to the surface the external pressure decreases. If the air in the lungs were not exhaled, the volume in the thorax would expand, and the diver's lungs would explode.

Can SCUBA divers fart at depths?

Yes, there is no physical reason why this would not be possible. Scuba divers may not need to pass gas much while underwater due to the level of compression, but it is all equalized with the surrounding environment so doing so is always an available option.

Why do scuba divers need to bring oxygen tanks while fishes do not?

Because fish have gills and can breathe under water and humans do not

Why do divers need the newt suit?

It pervents the water pressure from killing the diver

Why scuba divers use mixture of nitrogen and oxygen?

Because that is what air is made of and scuba divers need to breath air. It is however possible to increase the amount of O2 in the gas mixture if you are trained to breath Nitrox as a scuba diver and if you are a technical diver to add other gases such as helium to the mix. Recreational diver however normally breath simply compressed air.

Do SCUBA divers need to be very careful when ascending from a dive?

Yes! Especially for dives that are longer, or dives that are deeper. The result of a careless ascent could be 'the bends', which is painful, and can be fatal. This is the bubbling or gasification of nitrogen in the blood that happens when pressure is reduced during the ascent. The word SCUBA is an anagram based on: self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. SCUBA was invented by Jacques Cousteau.

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