Why do runners need speed?

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So that they can become the fastest runner and win their opponents.

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Q: Why do runners need speed?
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How To find a runners speed you need to know the distance he or she ran and the?

time it took to travel that distance

Does the temperature effect a runners speed?

18-100 dergreses

What is the force that reduces a runners speed sliding into home plate?


A runner runs 100m in 15 s what is the runners average speed?

the average speed is 6.67m/second

Why do long distance runners need large carbohydrate stores in their livers and muscles?

why do long distance runners need large carbohydrate stores

Why does a 100 meter sprinter need speed?

They are running a race, so they need to be fast. It is a relatively short distance, so runners run very fast in it, so a runner needs to build a high level of speed in order to win. It is the fastest race and shows who can run at the greatest speed.

Why do runners need fat?

hi danni what the hell?!

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4 runners & a baton.

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