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you answer that go to Google man be smart

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Q: Why do rugby wear a rose and football and cricket wear three lions?
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What three single sporting events get the highest attendance in the world?

football rugby cricket football rugby cricket

What is the three most popular sports in England?

Football, Rugby, Cricket

What three popular sports in Australia?

Australian rules football, cricket and rugby league.

What three sport have the biggest following in UK?

football (soccer) has the biggest folowing followed probably by rugby and cricket

What are the three types of team sports?

Football rugby and cricket or Motor sports field sports or water sports

What are three major sports?

Soccer, Cricket, Rugby

What country has hosted the cricket and rugby and football world cup?

England has hosted all three. South Africa will join them when they host the football World Cup in 2010.

What are the three most popular sports?

football, rugby, cricket. in the uk. some would argue that fishing should be in the top 3 but i would class it as a hobby more!!

What three types of sports or receation enjoyed in Ireland?

futball(soccer in ireland) rugby( football except way more violent) and cricket(a weird baseball moderation).

What is the symbol of English?

It is either a lion - the three lions on the English football (soccer) shirta rose - on the English rugby shirta crown - the crown of Her Majesty the Queen on the Royal Mail

What two sports are called football in Britain?

There are three types of football in Britain. Football which is known as soccer in the US and Canada, American Football which is also called GridIron, and Rugby Football which is subdivided into Rugby Union and Rugby League.

Three sports that the French play?

football , rugby & athletics.