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The game is a high impact physical game. Each player has the task of fighting to get possession of the ball this requires skill, technique and physical strength

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Q: Why do rugby players need upper body strenght?
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Running technique in rugby?

The original running style is rugby is the "bucking" run. Using a goose step while bucking the upper body.

What does rugby body armor do for the players?

There are a number of suppliers but the one most players in the top regions use appears to that of the Rhino company

Benefits of rugby?

the benefits of rugby are cardiovascular endurance and fitness, strength in upper and lower body, agility, speed, ball handling and kick skills

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Warming up actually applies to all sporting activities. It gives the players body a progressive adjustment to the physical output the body will be required to give. In essence it reduces pulled muscles, tendons etc

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Why is a good body composition important for rugby players?

so that they can play a game non stop for a long period of time with out tiring

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