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The "passenger" is called a coxin and he is controlling the boat and gives commands.

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Q: Why do rowing teams carry a passenger?
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What is the names of rowing teams members?

Axel Dickinson Crews

What are rowing events?

Rowing events are called regattas. A regatta is also known as a 'race day'. It consists of an entire schedule of individual races between teams.

When can a student pilot carry a passenger?

A student pilot can never carry a passenger.

What can be considered one of the toughest college sports?

In the US, college crew teams or rowing teams are extremely tough to participate in. Generally speaking, college rowing teams row and work with weights well into late November. During the Winter months they generally work out again with weights and practice rowing in indoor facilities that allow individual rowers to have a position in a huge indoor pool and practice their strokes. Finally, in Spring, the actual rowing against competition begins. Thus, it's a three season sport.

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2014 Dyna Street bob can carry passenger with weight of 7KG with hand carry while 20KG without hand carry.

What sport has teams of 2 or 4 people called crews?

Many sports have teams of either number, but one with both would be rowing. It also commonly has crews of 8 people participating.

Where can I join a rowing team?

You may want to check the gyms in your area. There are people who love it just as much as you do. Another place to look is online, do a search for rowing teams in your area and if there's something listed, contact them to find out more.

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