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The Official, besides being able to Caution a player with a Yellow Card or Expel a player from the field (Red Card), may also choose to warn the player of what he feels is not reckless or dangerous enough to warrant either a yellow or red card. Usually this means listening to the Referees reasoning of why he/she is warning you.

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Q: Why do referees don't give a yellow or red card when a foul is given in soccer?
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What is a referees warning in soccer called?

A warning, indicated by a verbal admonishment, or a caution, signalled by showing a player or substitute a yellow card.

What is the referees final warning to a player in soccer?

A red card, or ejection

How Can you use tackle in a sentence?

The soccer player was given a yellow card for his shocking tackle.

What is yellow card in playing soccer?

It is a warning

Why would a player be given a yellow or red card in soccer?

Depending on the level of the foul or bad behavior (taking someone out by purposely harming them), a player may receive a yellow or a red card. The red card is more serious.

What is the size of the yellow card in Soccer?

6cm by 12cm

Was there ever been a black card in soccer?

No only yellow and red cards are there in soccer.

What was the most yellow card in a professional soccer game?


What is the yellow card during MLS games?

A yellow card is a caution, It is given out at the referees discretion for malicious fouls or dissent. Two yellow cards in 1 game equals an ejection for the remainder of the game and your team must finish a man down. You also are subject to a game suspension. Yellow cards also add up throughout the year and can result in game suspensions.

Is there a penalty for a player going into the stands?

when the (soccer) game is in play it is a yellow card.

What does it mean If you receive a yellow card during a soccer game?

A player shown a yellow card is receiving a caution. A formal warning to stop doing something.

How does a soccer referee punish misconduct?

A caution, by showing a yellow card, or a send off, by showing a red card.