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Some see it as representing Irish culture which they do not want to be part of, mainly in Northern Ireland. However, many Protestants do play GAA and there has even been a President of the GAA who was a Protestant. Also, the Sam Maguire trophy, the most important trophy in Gaelic Football is named after a Protestant. He was very much involved in the GAA.

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Q: Why do protestants not want to play in the GAA?
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How do you play GAA?

You cannot play GAA. The GAA is an organisation, not a sport. It governs a number of sports including Gaelic Football, Hurling, Camogie, Handball and Rounders. The rules of those sports are all different.

Why did the founders of the GAA want to set up a club like the GAA?

To promote Irish sports and culture.

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Should GAA be professional?

No, for lots of reasons. Players play for the love of the sport and of their friends and community. That is a far greater driving force to play than for money. Professionalism would ruin the whole heart and spirit of the game. The GAA is the largest amateur sporting organisation in the world, so it would not be possible to pay everyone should it become professional. Most people do not want it to be professional. Many players are professional in that they already have jobs and careers and very few would want to play sport professionally. For these and other reasons, the GAA should stay amateur.

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Who is the chairman of the GAA?

The GAA itself does not have a chairman. The various county boards and provincial councils have them. At the top level there is a GAA president and a GAA Director General.

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Is caomige part of the gaa?

Camogie is part of GAA.

How much does a GAA player get paid in a month?

All the GAA sports are amateur, so the players do not get paid to play. Many of them have jobs and get paid through those, or may be studying or unemployed.

Where can US children play Gaelic games?

Anywhere there is an Irish community there are possibly some GAA clubs. If you check the North American GAA website, then you may get more information for your area.

What GAA clubs from Kerry play with Eoghan Rua in Kerry?

Rathmore, Gneeveguilla, Killcummin, and Glenflesk.

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