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In honor of Michael Jordan.

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Q: Why do professional athletes wear number 23?
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What professional athletes wear number 23?

Michael Jordan Lebron James David Beckham -Ryan Sandberg -Devan Hester -Don Mattingly

What famous sport star wear number 23?

the most famous sport star to wear number 23 is David Beckham LeBron James is also a famous #23.

Why does LeBron James wear number 23?

He looked up to Micheal Jordan He is number 23 ;)

What number will andrei arshavin wear for arsenal?

Andrei Arshavin will wear the number 23 shirt.

What are famous athletes with the number 23?

MIchael Jordon wore it for Chicago Bulls famously and now alot of basketballers wear it like LeBron James Andrey Arshavin who plays for Arsenal wears it

What number does David Beckham now wear?

He wears number 23

Can a free safety wear number 23?


What number did Bob Gainey wear?

He wore the # 23.

What number did Michael Jordan wear on the Wizards?


What players wear number 23?

LeBron James

How many players in the NBA wear?

number 23

What number did Michael Jordan wear at unc?


Which soccer players wear the number 23?

That's David Beckam's number..

Why does Michael Jordan wear 23?

because his brother wore 45 and the number 23 was almost half his brothers number

What NBA player wears jersey number 23?

LeBron James and Micheal Jordan wear the jersey number 23

What three numbers did Michael Jordan wear in his professional career?

12 one time, 23 and 45

What number did Jordan wear when he played against Kobe?


What NFL players wear the number 23?

Tyler Ettel

What number did Micheal Jordan wear at South Carolina?


What soccer players wear number 23?

Jamie Carragher.

Did Michael Jordan wear 23 in high school?

no he wear number 41 in high school

Is the number 23 retired in the nba?

no . remember lebron james wore the number 23. he decided to give the number up and wear the number 6 on the heat out of respect

What is the size of the Australian team at London for the 2012 Olympics?

Australia has a team of 410 athletes completing in 23 sports. They are 4th behind GB, USA, and Russia in number of athletes

What famous athletes have worn number 23?

the answer is that i only know 1 player in nba he is called michael jordan

Who was the first basketball player to wear the number 23?

Michael jordan