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It's an old tennis tradition. Wimbledon is only current tournament with a white-only rule.

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Q: Why do players wear white at Wimbledon?
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What is the colour of dress who playing tennis in Wimbledon?

All players must wear white at Wimbledon.

What color must players wear when playing at Wimbledon?

White. Being the traditional colour of raquet sports, white is the required colour of clothing for players playing at Wimbledon

In what sport do the players wear all white?

Tennis at Wimbledon and Test cricket

Can you wear any outfit at Wimbledon?

No - you have to wear white at Wimbledon.

What is traditional at the Wimbledon championship?

The players are restricted to wear the dress according to the codes of Wimbledon.

What colour dress would players wear for Wimbledon tennis?

White, of course. Anything else and they won't let you on the court.

What colour do you wear while playing tennis in Wimbledon?

Traditional white.

Can you wear color during Wimbledon tennis championship?

No only White

What colors do soccer players wear in Italy?

Soccer players in italy wear (Home):blue (Away) White

What sport do players not wear white?

table tennis

Why do tennis players have to wear white?

it reflects off

Why is the seats so bad for the players at Wimbledon?

at Eastbourne seats are lovely the best tennis place Wimbledon but the players seats are horried

What color clothes do badminton players wear?

preferably white..

When basketball players are at home what color jersey do they wear?


Which tennis player played at Wimbledon?

All the big tennis players have plated at Wimbledon.

How many players in Wimbledon?

128 male players and 128 female players (singles)

Where does Wimbledon play?

Actually Wimbledon does not play as it is not a person.The tennis players only play in the Wimbledon championship in the All England Club which was in Wimbledon district.

Who unseeded Wimbledon players who won?


What do ball boys wear at Wimbledon?

Wimbledon has a strict clothing policy of all white for its competitors-- shoes, socks, shorts, pants, skirts, shirts, visors, etc. However, ball boys and ball girls wear the dark green and purple colors of the Wimbledon club itself.

How many players at Wimbledon tennis 2009?

There is always 128 players are selected.

In table tennis what is the only colour that players are not allowed to wear?


Do women have to wear dresses at Wimbledon?


What company makes the white compression sleeves mlb players wear?


Why is Wimbledon so special?

Wimbledon is a very prestigious event, said even by the greats as "the best event." I think it has to do with the players' feel of the atmosphere and event. Also, there is much tradition and rich history behind Wimbledon (oldest event). It is also the only grand slam event played on grass. For example, such traditions involve players wearing all white.

How much do tennis players get for each round at Wimbledon?

it is £55