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It's a superstition many players (including me) have. Stepping on the foul line gives you bad luck.

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Q: Why do players never step on the foul line in baseball?
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How do you get a foul in baseball?

If you hit the baseball inside the 1st or 3rd base line.

When foul shooting where can the other players stand excluding the lane players in relationship to the three point line?

Free throw line extended but behind the 3 point arch.

If a baseball hits the foul line post and is caught what happens?

Once a baseball hits the foul pole, it's a home run regardless of where it goes.

What is the recommended width of a foul line?

This question is in both the Baseball and Basketball categories. For Baseball, there is no rule specifying the width of the foul line. However, probably between 2" and 3" is sufficient. Someone else will have to answer for Basketball.

What is a ball girl?

Ball girls are female employees of a baseball team. They sit along the foul lines to jump up and retrieve foul balls hit on their foul line. They are usually young and at least reasonably attractive.

Why do throwing athletes deliberately step over the foul line?

If they have thrown a disappointing distance which does not meet up to their expectations, and they know they can do better, they may step over the line so the distance is not recorded and a "No throw" is recorded instead.

The recommended width of a foul line is 2½ inches?

There is no rule in baseball that specifies the width of the foul line, so, yeah, 2 1/2 inches sounds fine.

What are all the dimensions of the lines in a long tennis court?

The line towards the middle of the court where beginers first serve at is called the foul line. When serveing the ball should be amimed at the foul line. To your back of that line is an out of bounds line, it tells the players that if a ball bounces out onto the red it is out! Al

Where is the running lane in baseball?

On the way from home to first on the right side of the foul line.

Any batted ball that bounces on the foul line or lands and stops on the foul line is a foul ball True or False?

If a ball hits the foul line, it is a fair ball.

What is the charity strife?

The 'charity stripe' is another name for the foul line that players must stand behind to shoot free throws.

In baseball if a ball is picked up by the fielder while it is on the foul line before it reaches 3rd base it is a fair ball?

Yes, the entire line is in fair territory.