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Because heat makes plastic expand in hot water.

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Q: Why do ping pong balls expand in hot water?
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How many balls are in 1 gross of ping pong balls?

about 144 ping pong balls are in a gross.

How big would a triangular box need to be to hold 6 ping- pong balls 12 ping-pong balls and 24 ping-pong balls?

about 10cm2

A dented ping pong ball is dropped into hot water What do you predict will happen?

The gas in the ping pong ball will expand, pushing the dent out.

How many ping-pong balls together weigh 1 pound when a ping-pong ball weighs 110 of an ounce?

10 ping pong balls

Why putting a dented ping-pong ball into boiling water will remove the dent?

The heat from the boiling water warms up the air inside the ping pong causing the air to expand and push the dent of the ping pong back out.

Why do ping pong balls float?

If they float in water, then it is because the density of a ping pong ball is lighter than the density of water. The density of water is just below 1, and the density of a ping pong ball is much less than 1.

What do water turtles play?

I have ping pong balls in my tank for my guys to play with.

Do ping pong balls have siliconin them?

No they do not.

Can ping pong balls lift a sunken ship?

Sure it can. But you'll need a lot a lot of ping pong balls- I believe the ratio is about 1 pound per 15 ping pong balls... then you can lift just about anything.

What is the volume of one mole of ping pong balls?

Slice one ping pong ball in half. Fill up the half of the ping pong ball with water. Empty the water from the ping pong ball into a measuring cup. Measure the amount of water in mL and multiply it by 2, ( there are two halves ).

What would happen if you blew through a straw with two ping pong balls hanging?

There is insufficient information in the question to answer it. How are the ping-pong balls hanging? By what? Are they touching? What is the orientation of the straw with respect to the ping-pong balls? Please restate the question.

How does a dented tennis ball get the dent removed when in boiling water?

It the heat from the boiling water will expand the air inside the ball pushing the dent out. The same can be done with ping pong balls and a lighter.