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did you think maybe they didnt like those sports

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Sports make people feel good about themselves, it's fun and it also reduces the risk of diseases. There are countless reasons for this.

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Q: Why do people waste their time with football when they could be watching or playing rugby union or cricket?
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Is watching footballl and cricket haraam?

Yes it is haraam to watch football because you are looking at the satr (privat part) of other people (e.g. knees). Also sometimes you are watching it when you are meant to do namaaz. It is not haraam to watch cricket but it becomes haram when you are meant to be praying namaaz.

What did Indian's do for pastime?

People from India enjoy a wide variety of pastimes. Some of these include playing cricket, soccer, watching movies, as well as watching television shows.

What rank does cricket have in world sports?

well in terms of the number of people watching on tv and playing it it is number 2 in the world. Soccer being number one. In terms of money generated it is third. Behind Soccer and American football.

What does people like watching in brazill?

Brazilian people like watching football

What sports do Bengali people play?

Football & cricket

Which sports is enjoyed the most by people?

Football and Cricket

How many people were watching football in the football stadium today?

its around 80,000 to 90,000 people

What sports do people from Bermuda play?

Mostly cricket and football

Englands national sport?


How many people play association football throughout the world?

Association football (also known as football or soccer) is the most widely played sport in the world. An estimated 3.5 billion have some interest in association football, either playing or watching it.

How do Indian people spend their leisure time?

The most popular leisure activity in India is cricket. Indians also enjoy watching movies and playing caram board.

How can people help college football?

By watching it and attending games.