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Because his contract will be up and he could fit in with the lakers both financially and on the court

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Q: Why do people think Dwight Howard is going to the Lakers?
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Is Dwight howard going to lakers?

No, he's not. He doesn't want to and the Lakers don't have any pieces to acquire him. The answer above it crap. Here are 4 reasons why the lakers could get dwight howard: 1: The Lakers have the best player to trade with andrew bynum 2: The Magic wouln't be that pickey and they can not wait. 3: Dwight Howard is willing to sigh a contract with the lakers and will not sign one with that many other teams. 4: The Lakers get what the Lakers want.

What team is Dwight Howard going to be on?

Well there are lots of possibility's of what team he is going to go to. You have the Lakers, Rockets, Nets , Mavericks, or maybe the Bulls but he is probably going to go to the Lakers because you have Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Ron Artest, and Pau Gasol. But if he goes to any of the other teams then he won't have any help just like on the Magic he had no help their and the Lakers just got Steve Nash who leads the league in assists and you have Kobe Bryant who will make all the shots from far away Ron Artest who is awesome at defense and Pau Gasol who will give Dwight Howard some help.

Is Dwight Howard going to knicks?


Is keven love going to the lakers?

He very well could be. He is great and the number 4 best scorer this season. The lakers are talking about trading Pau Gasol and if they get kevin love in return, it will be great for the lakers. the lakers are also talking about trading Andrew Bynum and maybe getting Dwight Howard in return. if they get these two players, it will take them a little time to get adjusted to the lakers but when they do, the lakers will be invincible.

Is Dwight Howard going to be in the 2010 slam dunk contest?


Is Dwight Howard a free agent 2011 12 summer?

Yes, he's going to be a free agent.

Who is going to win the finals magic or lakers?

magic because lakers cant stop Dwight or Lewis or pitrous so the lakers are goona loose .also because cobey is goona get loked down by pitrous and when he tryes to take it in hes gonna get looked down by dewigt.

Who is Gabe O'Brien?

One of the coolest people on earth, he loves the Lakers and Arsenal, The Lakers are going to win this year and Gabe is a pimp

Is CP3 going to the lakers?

Well probably not but their is still a 36% chance but it's rare; Also Lakers traded Odom to Dallas but we are waiting to see who we will be getting there is a 50/50 chance that we might get Howard but that's just a maybe.

What players are the denver nuggets going to get?

They are going to get Chris Paul at Point Guard, Dwyane Wade at Shooting Guard, LeBron James at Small Forward, and Dwight Howard at center.

When are the Lakers going to sign Lamar Odom?

The Lakers are going to sign him over the Summer of 2009.

Who is going to win between LA Lakers and phoenix?

LA Lakers