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The reasoning of the tape is to know where the proper positioning of your hands should be.

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Q: Why do people tape their lacrosse sticks?
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How many types of LaCrosse sticks are in the typical LaCrosse?


Why was lacrosse called lacrosse?

Lacrosse was called Lacrosse Because When Most native americans had they sticks together

What is the difference between soccer and lacrosse?

Soccer is a "non-contact sport" and doesn't use sticks. In lacrosse you can hit people with your stick

What is the shaft made of in lacrosse?

the first lacrosse sticks were made of wood. Modern lacrosse sticks are made of either composite or metal To improve this answer: Lacrosse sticks are made of many materials. Most common lacrosse sticks are made of aluminum or an aluminum titanium alloy. However, there are lacrosse players that prefer to use wooden sticks for their reliability and higher weight, and there are composite fiberglass and plastic shafts that are very light and very strong as well.

What kind of tape should you use to tape a lacrosse stick?

Regular athletic tape can be used on a lacrosse stick for taping down strings or marking hand positioning. If the lacrosse stick is broken, it cannot be fixed using tape.

What tape should you use on a lacrosse stick?

athletic tape

Do you need to tape a lacrosse stick?

No you do not need to, people say that it helps but it makes no difference.

What brand are Syracuse's lacrosse sticks?


How are Lacrosse sticks different?

lacrosse sticks differ in size ,strength, weight, whether there angled or not, feel, grip, what there mad out of and also appearence.

How are lacrosse sticks measured?

Lacrosse sticks are measured with basic tape measures. There are three different positions that have acceptable lengths. Attackmen and Midfielders can have a minimum stick length of 40 inches, and a maximum of 42. Defensemen and Long Stick Midfielders may use a complete stick anywhere between 56-72 inches. Goalies' sticks have the same regulations as defensemen.

Are wooden lax sticks better than steel?

wooden lacrosse sticks give you a lot more whip but they break easier then metal lacrosse sticks metal is way better

Should you tape the top of your lacrosse shaft?

no you don't tape the top of your lacrosse just tape just lower region for better grip and reminding you where to put your hands.

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