Why do people steal?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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There are quite a few reasons for this.

1. Pure greed.

2. They are to lazy to work for what they would like to have.

3. To obtain money to satisfy a drug or alcohol addiction.

4. To feed themselves and their family, when they have no legal means of doing it.

5. To deliberately deprive the owner of what is his, out of spite.

6. For the kick it gives them at the risk of being caught.

7. Because they're too poor to buy something they want.

Those who do not have physical items are often envious, so in uncertain company you should not display something worth stealing -- hide it in your pocket or leave it in a safe place.

The law used to hang horse thieves. In some countries, the traditional punishment was to cut off a hand. Today there is less enforcement and fewer strict penalties. The law does not crack down on thieves and burglars. There is no monetary incentive for the city or state to catch crooks that they will then have to house and feed. They know that a thief is nothing more than another bum and they will not profit.

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Q: Why do people steal?
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