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Sports help build teamwork, social skills, and endurance. Most do it for the enjoyment of the sport and winning. The others generally join to become physically fit.

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Q: Why do people participate in sport?
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Why people participate in sport?

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Why do people participate in Football?

There are various reasons that people participate in the sport of football. For example, they do it to improve their level of fitness.

What sport might one participate in a 'throw in'?

The sport that one might participate in a 'throw in' is ultimate. Ultimate is known as intense sport that uses flying discs, and is played by a team of people.

How is karate rated in the world?

Rated as what? A sport? An activity that people participate in? As a fitness program? As the total number of people that participate.

What are some of the reasons why people do not to participate in sports.?

some people may not be able to afford to participate in the sport. and also the facilities may not be to hand

What ways do people participate in sport?

You canparticipate in sport by becoming a manager, a player, a umpire, referee or participant

How many disabled people participate in a sport?

i Think about over 800

Who is eligible to participate in the olympics?

People who have the best skills in there sport in their country

How do people participate in this sport at the oly mpics was it an indivdual or team?

you have to be chosen

What examples are there of ways in which people participate in sport?

Go to school/college. (:

How can people participate in sports?

People can participate in sports by if your a kid finding a sport you like a lot then going to your school or recreation department and looking for signups or tryouts and if your an adult try finding a sport you like and then see if your town has a team if not find people who also like that sport and make your own team

How so people participate in speed skating is it a team or individual sport?

12 people can particape

Why do administrators participate in sport?

They participate to prevent any cheating in the game of sport

Why is sport a part of the socio-economics of a country?

People like to watch and participate in sports. Equipment for the sport is sold, tickets to watch the sport are sold, and many people are employed as a result of sports.

What participated in the sport of basketball?

Humans are what has participated in the sport of Basketball. The United States for example has thousands of people who participate in basketball yearly.

What sport has the most members on a team?

Marathon races are one big sport in which many people participate to enjoy the long race.

Which sport do people in Australia participate the most in?

I Think People in Australia participate most in Tennis and soccer. There is the Australian Open and the World cup Soccer soo... Yeah watever

Why do young people participate in sport?

they can run fast compare 2 old guys

Why do people in later life participate in sport?

To keep fit and healthy and as something to do as a hobby.

Do Australians participate in sport?

They love sport. Mate.

What is a synonym for the sport curling?

A synonym for the sport of curling would be weight lifting. Weight lifting is practiced as an amateur, professional, or Olympic sport and people around the world participate.

Why can't ethnic minorites participate in sport?

ethnic minorities can participate in any sports that choose to participate in

Why can't disabled people participate in sport?

There is a sport specifically for disabled folk. I.E wheelchair basketball. There's also the special olympics.

Why do people participate in netball?

Becausre it is an active sport that many people love,its fast energetic and just a great game to play!

In which sport does ponyboy participate?