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Firstly, not all Wrestling is fake. That's a silly little myth. For the wrestling that may be fake, people enjoy it because it is a simple preference. That's is like asking why people enjoy Cartoons, some reality tv, or Horror Films, although they know they are fake. It's a simple preference.

It is drama and violence. Its a violent soap opera.


not all wrestling is fake,i mean in WWE finlay cant do Celtic cross without hurting them. And anyway all the fake wrestling is fun to watch and they probably don't know or believe its fake.


When Rey Mystrio does the 619 or when Kane and Undertaker chokeslame people. That's not fake. who could that stop that?


Wrestlers on TV such as WWE, they are simply stage fighting. that is no more real than when a movie star does an action stunt and hurts himself. simply because the pain and the injury is real, does not make what he did in the stunt real. even if it is as simple as doing a jump off a table on to someone, the table is probably cut in a special way, the actors and stunt men and wrestling stage fighters are all trained how to do these things on stage while causing minimal injury. Just because u take injury does not make something real. this is why yes all the wrestling is fake, even the undertakers chokeslame, that is a special move that is practiced over and over by the stage fighters so they do not actually injure people too much, the amount they are injured is less then they would be if the fighting was real, which means the fighting is fake, no matter how you look at it. all wrestling that is not a proper competitions similar to that of Olympic Wrestling, and you have a large audience that are entertained by you, then it is simply stage fighting, which means fake fighting.the winner of a wwe or similar wrestling match is pre-determined, this disqualifies it from being any kind or type of competitive sport or competition, which would defeat the whole purpose of fighting each other, there for its fake.

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Q: Why do people like wrestling even if its fake?
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Is TNA real or fake?

Well obviously all wrestling companies are fake. People like it for the entertainment.

How wrestling is played?

wrestling is a sport and no kicking and stuff like that that is fake wrestling like wwe and tna

Is half of wrestling fake?

Wrestling Can Be Fake and Real , TNA Wrestling is 50 Percent real and 50 Percent Fake , As For The WWE They Are Like 65 Percent Fake and 45 Percent real , ECW Was all Real In The Ring but Was Staged , Wrestling is both Fake and Real.

Is lucha libre wrestling fake?

No its not fake because it has been used even before wwe Sorry but yes it is scripted just like WWE and TNA

Do you like wrestling?

no its stupid and its not even real its all fake and the wrestlers dont even hurt each each other its all played out and rehearsed like a movie

Is the twist of fate fake?

It's Like Anyother Wrestling Move It's Fake.

Is Impact wrestling fake?

Well like 10% of it is fake but the other 90% isnt...wwe is waaay more fake

Where can you train to fake wrestle?

You DON'T theres no such thing as fake wrestling. Elements of the sport are fake, like a magic show, but it's very REAL, there are plenty of schools out there to go to to learn the Profession of Wrestling.

How do you lose a fake wrestling match. How do you act like you lose a wrestling match?

It's all a script. They read it and act it out.

How much of wrestling is fake?

about 70% was fake but now its something like 30% fake. only the moves that can kill you such as the 5-knuckle-shuffle and the super clothesline are fake.

How many Americans like wrestling?

A lot of people like wrestling.

Is ring of honor fake?

Just like any pro wrestling it is pre-determend but also like any wrestling all the bumps are real

Is wreslig fake?

Wrestling like you see in high school, college, and the Olympics is real. Wrestling like you see in Friday Night Smackdown is scripted.

Why do people find wrestling so good when it is so fake?

Just because something is fake does not make it bad. There are hundreds of fictional shows on TV that people enjoy watching. Its like kids at a magic show ... magic is just an allousion.

Why is wresiling fake?

First it is "wrestling." It is fake because the wrestlers pretend to hit their opponents. It is just like acting, where an actor pretends to slap another.

Is football real or fake?

Yes football(soccer) and American(Australian football) is real and pro wrestling is fake and scripted like wwe and tna

How could wrestling be fake if its live?

because it isn't fake those people who say its fake are just some nerds who spend time on watching videos on the perfect angle that is seems to be fake but it isn't if you go life to a match en someone is hitting a chair on hes oponnent's face and the blood is flying around THAT ISNT FAKE . THERE IS A FAKE PART ! the fake part on wrestling is the story's as example : triple h beating of the spirit squad whit Shawn michaels because of that chair around the leg of Shawn THATS FAKE because Shawn michaels is in raw en mr macmahon almost is the boss of raw a couple a story's is for the fun and the kick of the people but normal wrestling is real those guys wrestling is their job its a competition like a football season its a competition is their job thx and sorry 'bout my English

Is wrestling fake or real because some times it looks real and other times it looks fake?

fake... but they do it pretty well... just imagine it as a live movie... or a theatre or something like that...

What are Justin biebers least favorite things?

Well he doesn't like fake people. He even said it in his song.

Is rvd okay?

yes he is okay TNA is fake and all other wrestling shows like WWE and RAW

Is wrestling a safe sport?

depends if its fake wrestling like smackdown and raw and all those other things than: YES, yes it is.If it is real wrestling... at times it can be dangerous, but dont worry its safe.

Is Wrestling better than Pokemon?

In my opinion Wrestling is a lot better than Pokemon because wrestling isn't fake(some wrestlin is fake though)so is Pokemon)but wrestling is better another answer:heheheh most wrestling is fake- well wrestling IVE seen lol. i mean have u seen wwe?! LOLLLL!!! anyways in my opinion i like Pokemon cuz they get way more intense and they can beat up humans... except for me- they love me. it really just depends on ppls opinons no matter wat question like vs bakugan. but i will always say Pokemon.

Do more people like Wrestling or football?

football is 100x more poular than wrestling.

Is wrestling better baseball?

in my opin wrestlin , yeah becouse it is awsome. even though it's fake like WWE,TNA and others. not to say there rubbish, there still awsome. but batista should return!

Is wrestling 100 percent fake?

It used to be about 70% fake, but now its something like 30% real, only the moves that can kill you such as the 5-knuckle shuffle or the super clothesline.