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they just do

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Q: Why do people like the underwater hockey?
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What games are like hockey?

Field hockey and underwater hockey are the closest.

Who invented underwater hockey?

Alan Blake invented underwater hockey in 1954.

What form of hockey uses a two pound brass puck?

Underwater Hockey

What form of hockey used a two-pound brass puck?

underwater hockey

Where is octopush hockey played?

It is played underwater in various pools.

What is another name for underwater hockey?

Water Polo? No the original name for underwater hockey is Octopush, it was discovered in 1954 and called this as it is played with 8 players and the bat used is called a pusher

Types of underwater hockey?

never heard of such thing -thts dumb!

A sport that begins with an o?

Octopush Also known as underwater hockey.

How did they invented hockey?

people would play hockey with a stick and a rock shuffling it around like in hockey. hope this helps

How many people like fighting in hockey?


People like to play ice-hockey there?

canada or india

When was Underwater People created?

Underwater People was created in 1991.