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Q: Why do people like netball instead of any other sport?
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How is netball a good sport?

Netball is a goood sport because you met other people and met fit boys

What sport do the people of Fiji play?


Who prefers netball than any other sport?

i do

Why people play netball?

people usually play netball because they find it challenging or they just enjoy the sport

Is netball a team sport?

Yes, netball is a team sport.

What does a netball player do while not playing netball?

Apart from training and playing netball, netballers don't do anything different to what other people do. We are still normal people who go to school, study, play sport and enjoy going out with friends.

Is Netball a competitive sport?

Yes, netball is a very competitive sport

Does netball have a impact on people?

Netball has a great impact on people, especially girls, as it helps girls to aspire to something and play sport.

Who was the name who made netball?

Netball is not a sport.

Why is netball seen as not a real sport?

Netball is not seen as a real sport because it is based on another sport, its brother basketball. Netball originated from basketball not that long a time ago, which is another reason why people don't regard netball as a sport. However, that way of thinking may change very soon when netball becomes more popular. Also, netball is a sport played only by girls which restricts the popularity. If netball was played by boys than it may become part of the Olympics.

What sport is more popular basketball or netball?


How is netball popular to other countries?

because it is a really fun and active sport

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Why do people like netball?

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