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To keep fit and healthy and as something to do as a hobby.

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Q: Why do people in later life participate in sport?
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What are some of the reason people participate in physical education and sports?

They participate in sport to get a better self-esteem and to get a more positive outlook on life. Also to improve their skills both mentally and physically and to make bonding friendships that last 4 life.

Did Athens or Sparta have women who did not participate in public life?

I believe it was Sparta that did not have women participate in public life.

What sports did bill Clinton play in college?

Bill Clinton never played a varsity sport in high school or college. His favorite sport later in life and as president is golf.

Did sport affect Welsh people?

The welsh are a very passionate people as are other Celts . When involved in sport they enjoy the combination of the social life associated and the competitive.

How can social life effect sport?

By having social life, you no no do sport :'(

Will a child that been abused do durgs later in life?

It is a high possibility they do. One of the main reasons people do drugs later in life is from abuse.

What is the percentage of people who have played a sport in their life?

so the answer is 100% because even babies crawl and that's a sport and walking is also a sport so you have the answer! 100%

Did Barack Obama have a favorite sport?

He has always been a loyal basketball fan, and later in his life, he became a fan of playing golf.

What does the organization Sport England do?

Sport England put all their efforts to focus on giving people an active, healthy, sport-filled life. They love to create opportunities for young people to play sports as well as developing their talents.

Why isn't sport fun anymore?

Sport is fun to millions of people. It may be that you have become bored or had a bad experience. That's life, get over it.

What happens if a person does not do sport in his life?

That person will not be as athletic as other people who do play sports

There is too much emphasis on winning in sports today?

now adays the sport is increasing important for life and a huge number of people focus on the sport

What kind of people did Andrew Jackson thin should participate in American political life?

Hebelieved that ordianary people should vote

Because life is not a spectacular sport?

Life is something we have to experience, because it's not a spectacular sport. It means we can not spectate our life.

I'm looking to change my career, what are popular jobs that people choose later in life?

Some popular jobs that people are choosing later in life include nursing and teaching. Many people are choosing to start their own business or move into management.

What is soccers influence on society?

soccer is very important for people that are passionate about this sport maybe it has changed its life or they just enjoy playin this sport with family and friends ..

Why cricket is not popular sport in US?

coz criket is for stupid people who have nothing better to do with their life

What did president roosevelt mean when he said an abundant life?

President Roosevelt meant living life in its fullness when he said an abundant life. This was in his efforts to encourage people to participate in the recovery from the Great Depression.

Do students place more emphasis on sport than academics?

Some do - some are more interested in learning and doing good in later life, however.

When does snowboarding became a sport?

never its not a sport its a way of life

What does later life mean?

Later in your life-as in your golden years.

What was Tchaikovsky's childhood like?

at the time his life was bad and he did not play much of his music to people till later in his life

How does sport encourage a good social life?

Sports help encourage social life by you meeting new people when you join sports/clubs.

What do people do at school?

They learn about things so that they can get good jobs in their later life :)

How do you help illiterate people?

encourage members to start learning too , and taking place in the society . . study , and participate in community life