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I think people enjoy football because its a challenging and competitive sport.

Also family love to watch their team kick butt.

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Q: Why do people enjoy football?
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What sport do British people most enjoy doing?


What other activities do the locals enjoy in Spain?

Spanish people enjoy football,basketball, and cycling.

Why cant people who like football explain why they like it?

Why does anyone like anything? People eat sleep and drink football, they enjoy watching their favourite team- the highs and the lows. Some enjoy the atmosphere of the matches and many people simply enjoy it.

Which sport do british people most enjoy watching on tv?


What are some recreational pastimes people enjoyed in England?

We enjoy playing rugby, which I believe is your soccer and we enjoy playing soccer, which is football. Basically it is the opposite of football and soccer for you.

What sports do people enjoy in Louisiana?

Football is the most popular sport in Louisiana.

Why do people watch football?

There are many reasons for why people watch (American) football. Americans in particular watch football because it can be a tradition for some families. Others simply enjoy the sport and watch the game.

What are hobbies of people of America?

Americans generally enjoy baseball, basketball, cheerleading and football (soccer)

What cruel sport did people enjoy in the Tudor times?

bear baiting ,football,dance,tennis

What are two sports that people might enjoy doing in New Hampshire?

Football and Ice Hockey.

Do you have excursions to football games?

Many people enjoy outings to football games, for camraderie, tailgating before games, being among people, excitement and crowds, and cheering on your team.

What form of enertainment does Georgia enjoy?

Watching football, playing football

How do you eat a football?

I enjoy eating it grilled.And I enjoy eating it with grilled pineapple.

Football reasons why people like it?

Football is liked for a variety of reasons, and enjoyed by different types of people. Some people enjoy watching it as a social activity with friends, and others like it for the physical and competitive aspect of it.

What does Ryan Giggs enjoy?

Playing Football

What kinds of sports do the people of the country of Guam enjoy?

A little bit of everything. But the top sports are football and soccer.

What are some recreational pastimes people enjoy in Brazil?

the most favourite in Brazil is football I think he/she meant soccer..

What do people in England do for fun?

People in England watch football for fun. Some of them also enjoy dancing in night clubs or playing board games.

What do people do for fun in England?

People in England watch football for fun. Some of them also enjoy dancing in night clubs or playing Board Games.

What sport did Taylor Lautner enjoy playing?


What does Matt Smith enjoy doing?

Playing football.

Which two sports does Chelsea enjoy?

football and soccer

What two sports does Chelsea enjoy?

football and soccer

How do you say 'enjoy the football darling' in french?

profiter de la coqueluche du football

Did Eli enjoy playing college football at Mississippi?