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Q: Why do people carry torches in olympic marathons?
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How many people carries the olympic torch?


Why did people invent torches?

to be able to carry fire so they can see where they r going...

How many people will carry the 2010 Olympic torch?


How many people will carry 2012 Olympic torch?


How many people will carry the Olympic torch across Britain?


How many people will carry the olympic torch across the UK?


How is the Olympic torch transportd to each Olympic games?

Lots of different people carry it from some some were and take it to the games

Is it illegal for security officer to carry Maglite torches?

A flashlight?....Why would anyone think you can't carry a flashlight?

Why did they carry the olympic torch?

For s'mores.

Is the Paralympic torch relay different for the Olympics?

Olympic torch-bearers, nominated by sponsors of the Olympic games, carry the Olympic flame from its source, in Athens, to the main stadium, using a series of gas-filled Olympic torches, much like a relay race. Each torch-bearer is given their own Olympic torch (which they keep) which is lit by the Olympic flame carried by the previous torch-bearer. To preserve the flame's continuity, the Olympic flame is carried in special safety-lamps while travelling by air or sea. Once at the main stadium, during the opening ceremony, the final torch-bearer lights the Olympic beacon which remains lit throughout the games. The Olympic flame is therefore the flame itself, while the Olympic torches are the receptacles that carried the flame from Athens to the main stadium.

Who is the youngest person to carry the olympic torch?

Me :)

Where can one purchase solar powered LED torches?

There are a number of retail locations and online stores that sell solar powered LED torches. Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Amazon, for example, each carry this item.