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The term "Lolly-Legs" was invented by Australian actor Noel Ferrier. It was in reference to the legs of singer/actress Toni Lamond - voted on an episode of In Melbourne Tonight as the second best legs on television. From then on she was always known as "Lolly-Legs Lamond".

The phrase then briefly entered the Australian colloquial vernacular in the sixties as an insult for anyone tall, gangly & long-legged. It wasn't long before this derogatory euphemism made its way to the SCG hill, and appears to have first been directed at South Sydney toe-poking legend Eric Simms. Excerpt From 'Rugby League - The Australian Way', compiled by Jack Pollard(written/published 1970)Interview with Eric SimmsBe specially careful with your first attempt at goal in a match. Once you get that one over it gives you confidence. You think, "Oh well, from here on I'll be able to put every one over." And, by golly, very often you almost do! It's amazing how confidence helps your kicking. Don't let the crowd worry you, especially those billygoats who yell 'Lollylegs' as you run in.

It has recently been resurrected by diehard Rugby League fans at Balmain Tigers NSW State Cup fixtures and is little by little re-emerging at first grade games.

to put them off. because lollies are weak and floppy and you need lots of stength to kick.

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Q: Why do people call out lolly legs when a person is kicking a goal in the nrl?
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