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Poeple that argue with umpires doesnt make sence. Once a call has been made it cant be changed, so why argue? competitors do this to try intimidade the umpire. It makes them feel better about themselves.

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Q: Why do people argue with the referee?
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Why should a player be able to argue with referee about bad call?

they shouldn't

Should a middle school player be able to argue with referee?

no, he/she is a child playing a game and the referees are the adults guiding the game.

What do players expect to happen when they argue with a referee or umpire?

some may say it's so you can boosts your teams momentum/confidence, but that's crap. when you argue with the umpire/referee, you'll get in some sort of trouble depending on what sport you're playing. for example, in netball you'll get a warning and if you do it again you'll be sent off. in basketball you can be sent out af the stadium until you calm down. people argue with the umpire/referee when they don't agree with the decision the umpire/referee has made in the game.

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There are two people who assist the referee , they have flags to help, they are called the linesmen.

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