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because they want to have their kids physically active.

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2010-04-22 04:27:23
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Q: Why do parents put their kids in sports?
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Who do kids get pressure from in sports?

Kids usually get pressure in sports from their parents. They also get it from their coach, friends, and family.

How can sports be funded?

Its easy! Just get the parents together of the kids on your team and put together a community party where you can get food for cheap, or do a spaghetti dinner or something like that.

What should parents wear to a kids Sports day program?

Gumby suit

Who should award a sports trophy Parents or Coach?

The coach, definitely. Parents have been rewarding kids all their lives, it feels good to be honorable under the eye of someone who put you through misery in the season.

Why are sports in school important?

so the fat kids get put in their place

What did Aztec parents teach there kids?

how to put on clothes,etc.

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Bernie Schock has written: 'Parents, kids, and sports' -- subject(s): Sports for children 'Remodeling the Family'

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What are some activities that kids love to do?

Playing sports, playing with their friends, and being with their parents. See related links for some free ideas for kids.

Should parents be allowed to put a keylogger on their kids computers?

yes, it is. The purpose to to protect kids safe online.

What should you do if kids walked in on their parents having kinky sex?

Put your kids back sleep and have reproduction more quiet

Can kids have and use debit cards?

All you have to do is get your parents to put it in there name and yes you can use it.

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