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Q: Why do organisms compete and what are they competing for?
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According to Darwins theory of evolution what do organisims compete for?

Organisms compete for resources such as food, mates, and living space in order to survive and reproduce. This competition drives the process of natural selection, where individuals with advantageous traits are more likely to survive and pass on their genes to the next generation.

What is abstract noun for compete?

The abstract nouns for the verb 'to compete' are competition and the gerund, competing.

What part of speech is the word compete?

Compete is a verb. If I COMPETE against you, competing is what i am doing against you, so it's a verb.

What do organisms on a rocky shore compete for?

Organisms on a rocky shore compete for resources like space, sunlight, food, and shelter. Competition is especially intense in intertidal zones where the availability of these resources can change rapidly with the tides.

What does competing ends means in ecnomics?

means ends that compete

Why organisms compete and what results of competition might be?

Organisms compete because they want to survive and the results are evolution

Why organisms compete and what the results of competition might be?

Organisms compete because they want to survive and the results are evolution

What is the concrete noun for compete?

The noun forms the verb 'compete' are competitor, competition, and the gerund, competing.

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word competing?

We will compete in the finals against their team. Can you compete with that sprained ankle?

What is the verb of competition?

The verb form of competition is compete.Other verbs are competes, competing and competed, depending on the tense.Some examples are:"I will compete in the marathon"."He competes in the marathon"."He is competing in the marathon"."He has competed in the marathon".

Is Ireland competing in the 2008 Olympics?

Any country who qualifies can compete

Is it true or false that organisms must compete with each other for space to live?

It is true organisms have to compete for living space.