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Well three steps is a travel. Maybe the officials didn't see the third step, they probably were not in a good angle, etc. But 3 steps are definitely a travel.

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Q: Why do officials allow three steps when shooting the basketball while the rules allow only two?
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Officials of basketball and their functions?

performing the equipments and rules of the basketball

What are the roles of officials in a basketball game?

As with officials in any game their purpose it to make sure the rules of the game are understood and followed by the players.

When were officials added to the game?

The NBA was founded in 1946. Then the American Basketball Association was founded in 1967 and changed some rules of the game and officials were added.

Who are the Basketball Officials and their roles?

Basketball officials are also known as "referees" or "refs." They have to understand all of the rules of basketball (which varies upon leagues) and enforce them. In a way they can be related to police of the society. They enforce laws or rules and there are punishments. In basketball, the punishments can include fouls or technical fouls, or a player can be credited with a turnover and give the ball to the opposing team.

Objectives of basketball?

· Try to score points by throwing or "shooting" a ball through the top of a basketball hoop while following a set of rules.

What is the game basketball?

Basketball is a team sport in which two teams of five players try to score points by throwing or "shooting" a ball through the top of a basketball hoop while following a set of rules.

What Qualifications do officials need in basketball?

You must have a good understanding of the game and the rules. Also it wouldnt hurt to have played the game before.

Is there basketball rules and regulation?

yes there are basketball rules and regulation

How many rules are in basketball?

There are around 100 rules in basketball

How many original rules in Basketball?

There are 13 oringinal rules in basketball.

Is there a list of basketball rules and regulations?

yes there is basketball rules and regulations

Can a professional basketball player compete in the Olympics?

Yes. The rules were changed in 1988 to allow pro athletes to compete.

Basketball rules for a center?

All the basketball rules applies to all players

What are all of the basketball shooting positions?

The three basketball positions normally employed by organized basketball teams are the guards, forwards, and the center. More specifically, they can be classified into the five positions: point guard (PG), shooting guard (SG), small forward (SF), power forward (PF), and center (C). The rules of basketball do not mandate them, and in informal games they are sometimes not used.

Why you need to follow basketball rules?

cause it's the rules. if you don't it's not basketball.

What year and month were the rules of basketball written?

January of 1934 the rules of basketball were written.

What are some basic rules of basketball?

The basic rules of basketball is violation, double dribble, offense, and defense. They are containing with basketball.

Who was the persone that invented the rules of basketball?

Dr James Naismith invented basketball and its original rules

Rules of basketball in 1912 for girls?

how are the rules in girls basketball different fro the ones we have now

Does basketball have 13 rules?


What is an official in sport?

Sports officials are individuals who ensure that the recognized rules and regulations of a sport are observed at sporting events. Sports officials are also in charge of maintaining the principles of play and enforcing the rules that govern a sport for instance football, basketball, hockey and baseball. example, a referee in football or soccer is an official.

Are there any umpires in golf?

There are rules officials, they aid decisions in regards to rules.

Which sport basketball or soccer does the most running in full game?

well it could be either soccer they do get breaks and same with basketball but the shooting time and the passing time takes away running time in basketball so I think you run more in soccer Soccer which rules

What are some of the main rules in the game basketball?

Click on the 'NBA Rules' link on this page to see the rules and regulations of the National Basketball Association.

Why can't a player wear number 8 in College Basketball?

Collegiate rules only allow numbers up to 5, or example 55.