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In the NFL blocking is often determined by the defensive player positioning. Usually the center comes to the line and points and calls out the blocking assignments. Sometimes the quarterback may see a situation he recognizes and assigns someone to block a player he thinks is going to try to tackle him before he can pass the ball or he recognizes the player is filling the gap where they intended to run the ball and assigns aplayer to block him.

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They're identifying the middle linebacker (AKA the Mike linebacker or MLB). Most offensive lines use a numbering scheme that begins with the MLB. Since the MLB will align differently against various offensive formations, the offensive linemen seek to point him out, so they know where the numbering system begins and what everyone else's numbers are. It also helps the running backs identify the blitz easier, since, in certain protection schemes, the running back will be responsible for picking up the MLB coming up the middle on what's called an A-gap blitz.

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The lines of a football playing field tell the players the number of yards they are on. In addition, the lines at the end of the field are called end lines. The lines along the side of each field are called side lines.

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Q: Why do offensive linemen point at defense during snap count?
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It's to signal to his fellow offensive players that they are altering the play at scrimmage in some way, shape or form because he read something on the defense. It also provides a way to make a hard count to try to get the defense to jump the snap.

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In football what is flag guarding?

The guard is the position on the offensive line that is directly to the right or left of the center (there is a right and left guard). Next to the guards on the outside are the offensive tackles. The guards protect the quarterback on passing plays, and run block (run up the field blocking) on running plays. On running plays the guard can pull meaning after the snap he quicly runs over to the other side of the line and blocks for the running back. This leaves a hole on the side he was originally on but gives the side the running-back is running to an extra blocker.

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