Why do men wrestle?

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Its a competition. Women wrestle too.

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Q: Why do men wrestle?
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Do women wrestle men?

in WWE and TNA then the answer is no

Can a woman out wrestle a man?

As in physically? Yes, some women are stronger than some men, and it is entirely possible for a woman to out-wrestle, beat up, or otherwise maim (or kill) a man.

How do you have a better errection?

By Gettin a bigger penis! from connor by watching men wrestle!!! it works everytime

Does he still wrestle?

Does who still wrestle?

What is the future tense of wrestle?

Will wrestle.

Can WWE girls wrestle WWE men?

Actually Chyna won the intercontinental championship from Jeff Jarrett.

Did Hercules participate in the Olympic games?

It is a legend that Hercules organized the first Olympics and taught men how to wrestle.

Does batista still wrestle?

He did wrestle but he retired

How can you use wrestle in a sentence?

I like to wrestle

Does Snooki from Jersey Shore wrestle?

no Snooki does not wrestle

How do you get your friends to arm wrestle?

Just ask them to arm wrestle.

When will Candice wrestle?

she will wrestle when she is fully recovered from her broken neck.

Do boys and girls both wrestle?

Yes everybody can wrestle

How many people the world wrestle?

15,036,234 people wrestle

When was Rock'n Wrestle created?

Rock'n Wrestle was created in 1985.

When did Wrestle Kingdom happen?

Wrestle Kingdom happened in 360.

Did Jennifer Lopez arm wrestle?

no she didnt arm wrestle.

Will WWE a-train still wrestle?

A-train doesnt wrestle anymore

How do you say wrestle in Hebrew?

to wrestle = התגושש (hitgoshesh)

Did Abraham Lincoln ever wrestle?

Yes, he did wrestle when he was a grown man.

When is wrestle mania 26?

Wrestle mania 2 April 2011

How many people wrestle for the world wrestle entertainment?

55 some

What brand is Joy Giovanni wrestle for?

She doesn't wrestle for any of the brands she was fired

Can you go to college and wrestle?

yes you can actually get scholarships from schools to wrestle as well.

Does christy hemme still wrestle?

she is a backstage interviewer on tna but she doesnt wrestle