Why do men like cheerleaders?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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its because they are busty and very sexy looking

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because cheerleader wear only short skirt that's why when the cheerleader jumps the skirt will lifts up and the panty will saw.

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because SOME men are D.I.R.T.Y.

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Q: Why do men like cheerleaders?
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What are male cheerleaders called?

male cheerleaders wear a shirt and shorts. Like in this picture:

Who had the first cheerleaders?

A group of men it sounds weird but men were the first cheerleaders women came later

What should a cheerleader look like?

Cheerleaders come in all different shapes and sizes. There is no way that a cheerleader SHOULD look. Some men are cheerleaders, and other cheerleaders have down syndrome. Anyone can be a cheerleader.

What is the ratio of female cheerleaders to male cheerleaders?

I'm not sure about a ratio but I know 97% of cheerleaders are women and 3% are men

Can men audition to be NFL cheerleaders?

Absolutely - while most teams have women, others also have a combination of both men and women as cheerleaders.

What gender did cheerleading start out as?

Men were initially the cheerleaders, not women.

Were women the first cheerleaders?

no. cheerleading was originally a men's sport.

How do you dress like the anarchist cheerleaders in smells like teen spirit?

find a picture of the anarchist cheerleaders

What movie had blacks playing drums in a competition with cheerleaders?

drumline. its a good movie. it dose not have cheerleaders but it does have dancers which are like cheerleaders

Does Justin Bieber like cheerleaders?

yes he loves cheerleaders :D

What do cheerleaders like the most?


Did the Detroit Lions ever have cheerleaders?

No. mr.swartz wanted a family atmospere, and thought cheerleaders would lead to bad stuff. Id like cheerleaders!