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To support Marie Curie Cancer Care.

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Q: Why do managers in the English premiere league have a yellow flower on their suits?
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Why do managers in the English premiere league have a red flower on their suits?

That is a poppy. It is to show they support remembrance day. If u don not know what that is look it up for more factual information

Why do managers in the English premiere league have flowers on their suits?

It's a poopy flower worn in remembrance of dead soldier during the world war and all the other wars thereafter

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Paul Scholes

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No English manager has won the Premiership

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Who are the best paid ten managers in English premier league?

arsene wenger

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It is the Chelsea coach Carlo Ancheloti.

How many times has Cameroon won the premier league?

You are mistaken as Cameroon can not win the premiere league, as they are a country and not a English club.

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It is postponed on two reasons, snow or rain on the pitch.