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This is a myth that lefthanders don't play catcher, they do! It's just not very common.

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Q: Why do lefthanders not play catcher in baseball?
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Do you need shin guards when you have a baseball game?

If you play catcher.

Does Russell Martin play football or baseball?

Baseball. He is the Catcher for the New York Yankees.

What is the Slang word for lefthanders?


Did Tom Brady play professional baseball?

Yes.hE was catcher for the Montreal expos.

Do you like baseball and why?

I love baseball. Baseball is very fun for me since I'm good at it. I play catcher which is a tough position to play. I enjoy catching for good pitchers.

What is a baseball position with the letter cat in it?

Catcher CATcher catcher catcher

What infield positions in softball do lefthanders play?

As a softball player myself, my friend plays first. But, leftys can really play any position. first is most common.

Why do they call the pitcher and catcher in baseball the battery?

Because like a battery they are the ones that make everything go. Every play in baseball starts with the pitcher (pitching the ball) and the catcher (giving signs and directing the defense) -- If you dont have the pitcher and catcher, you cant play baseball.. kind of like if a car doesnt have a battery it cant go anywhere

What position did Tom Brady play in baseball?

Tom Brady was a catcher when he played in high school

What baseball position did Tom Brady play?

Tom Brady was a catcher when he played in high school

What do you call the guy at the back catcher in baseball?

hind catcher. or just catcher.

In baseball does the pitcher follow the instructions of the catcher?

No, in baseball the pitcher does not follow the instructions of the catcher.

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