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They dont, they actually kick 8 yards back

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Q: Why do kickers have to kick from spot of down ball?
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Spot of ball after a missed field goal on fourth down?

In college, from the original line of scrimmage. In the NFL, from the spot of the kick. If the kick was taken from inside the 20, the ball is moved out to the 20.

On a punt if the kicking team touches but does not down the ball and the receiving team tries to recover but does not get possession and the kicking team recovers. Who's ball?

If a player from the receiving team touches the ball at all on a punt and the ball is still in play, whoever recovers the ball in play gets the ball.AnswerA punt or field goal except a try after touchdown is a scrimmage kick. A scrimmage kick that is recovered behind the line of scrimmage may be advanced by either team. A low scrimmage kick that is touched beyond the line of scrimmage by the receivers is ignored. If the kickers contact the ball beyond the line of scrimmage either intentionally or not they have committed a first touching violation. The ball is then free for the receivers to recover and advance. As long as they do not foul during the down the receivers will have the choice of taking the results of the play or return the ball to the spot of first touching where the receivers will retain possession. As an example a scrimmage kick strikes a kicker after bouncing on the ground. The receiver picks up the ball runs ten yards and fumbles. The ball is recovered by the kickers. Because of the first touching violation the receivers retain the ball where it was first touched by the kickers beyond the line of scrimmage. If the receivers are the first to touch a scrimmage kick beyond the line of scrimmage the team that is in possession at the end of the down will be awarded a first down where the ball is recovered. A kick remains a kick unless it is a dead ball or is possessed. A ball that is first touched beyond the line of scrimmage by the receivers may be recovered but not advanced by the kickers. As an example if a kick is touched by the receivers but not possessed by them it is a muff and may be recovered but not advanced by the kicking team. If the receivers possess the kick the kick has ended and if they lose possession of the live ball it may be advanced by either team. And now you know why the kicking game is where most errors occur.

Spot of ball after a missed field goal on fourth d?

In college, the original line of scrimmage. In the NFL, from the spot of the kick. If the kick was attempted from inside the 20, the ball is moved out to the 20.

How do you kick a foot ball far?

Well, you need to aim, picking out a specific spot on the field, and when you find the spot, kick the ball, make sure you hit it with the tip or your shoe perfectly

Where do you spot the ball to kick a field goal?

Where the offense left the line of scrimmage

Where is the sweet spot on a soccer ball?

The sweet spot on a football is your preferred choice but kick the air hole of the ball will make it dip swerve and move in the air.

Is the spot of the ball on a missed field goal the line of scrimage of the field goal attemp or the actual spot that the holder spotted the ball to kick the field goal?

In the NFL, the ball will be placed at the spot of the hold after a missed field goal. If the kick took place from inside the 20, the ball is moved out to the 20. In college football, the opposing team gets the ball from the original line of scrimmage.

When do you punt in football?

On fourth down, unless you are close enough for a field goal try. You can choose to "go for it" on fourth down, but if you don't make a first down then you lose the ball at the spot where you were. Punting allows you to give the ball to the other team as far as you can kick it down field.

What is the ruleing on a out of bounds kick on a kick off in football?

When a kickoff goes out of bounds between the goal lines without being touched by the receiving team, the ball belongs to the receivers 30 yards from the spot of the kick or at the out-of-bounds spot.

How would you kick the ball in soccer for distance?

If you are on defense, you want to make sure you kick under the ball to get it up high in the air over everyone's head to clear it out. But for distance, you want to go to the center of the ball. Pick a spot in your ball in the middle and practice kicking there. After a while you will know about the right spot. Make sure you bring your leg back really far when going to kick it.

Where is the football place on a kickoff team?

I assume you mean "Where is the spot of the ball for a kick off at the start of the game or the start of the half, or after a touchdown, or successful field goal attempt?" Standard kick of is at your own 35 yard line. Penalty's from previous plays, or an off sides on the kick off, can be enforced on the kickoff, or re-kick, moving the spot of the ball.

Where do you get the ball when an attempted short field goal is dropped and goes out of the end zone?

at the spot of the kick the 20

What is the penalty mark in soccer?

It is the spot where the ball is placed during the taking of a penalty kick or kicks from the mark.

What is a fourth down?

A team has 4 plays, called downs, to advance the football 10 yards. If they succeed, they get another first down, meaning a new set of 4 downs. Fourth down is a team's fourth and final chance to achieve a first down. If the team fails, the opposing team gets the football at the spot where the play ends. Usually on fourth down a team will kick the ball. They can "punt," that is drop kick the ball to the other team. This surrenders possession of the football but usually moves the ball about 40 yards. Or the team can attempt to kick the ball through the uprights for a field goal. A successful field goal is worth three points, but missing the field goal gives the other team the ball from the spot where the ball was kicked. Field goals are usually attempted if the team is within 35 yards of the other team's end zone.

When a player is tackled is the ball marked where his knee goes down or the position of the ball?

The position of the ball determines the spot.

Why do kickers always squeeze the ball before placing it on the kicking tee?

To loosen the football up because new footballs can be a little hard and to expand the sweet spot that the kicker will be kicking.

What is a direct kick in soccer?

In soccer, a direct free kick is a restart awarded by the referee after a foul has occurred. The ball is placed on the ground at the spot of the foul, and the kicking team may kick it, at which time the ball is in play. All defenders must remain at least 10 yards from the ball until it is kicked and moves.

What is the best spot for a penalty kick?

The penalty spot.

Where is the ball spotted when the NFL player is down At the spot where his knee hits or where the ball is when he stretches out?

which ever one hits the ground first is where he is down. ----------------------- The spot of the ball depends entirely upon where the ball is located at the moment when the player is ruled "down." If the player extends the ball forward before his knee (or any part of his body except a foot or hand) touches down, then the ball will be spotted at the point where it was extended.

What is a kick off?

A kick off in football, is when one team sets up the ball whole their kickek kicks it. The team that is kicking kicks it as far as possible without kicking it into the end zone. The opposing team runs the ball, after catching it, as far as possible before getting tackled, and then continues play from that spot with the first down.

What happens if a person doesn't gain ten yards by fourth down?

if you get to fourth down you would either kick a fieldgoal or punt. If you tried your chances and went for the ten yards on 4th down, and made it, its a first down. If you dont make it, the other team gets the ball on the spot you were tackeled.

What is a penalty shot called in soccer?

A spot kick or a penoAnswerPenalty kick

Where is the ball spotted if the kick is blocked and falls beyond the line of scrimmage?

Assuming the ball is not returned and rolls dead in the field of play, it depends: High school: The ball is spotted where it rolls dead. College: The ball is spotted at the previous line of scrimmage or at the 20-yard line. NFL: The ball is spotted at the spot of the kick or at the 20-yard line.

What is the football throwdown bag used for?

Spot of fumbled ball, punt's spot of first touching, emergency flag (if more than two fouls occur the order goes: flags, hats, throw down bags), in the NFL, spot of a field goal since a missed one goes to the spot of the kick. Some people use it in HS to determine where the passer throws the ball from to ensure that A) QB not over line of scrimmage and B) if intentional grounding called, penalty marked from that spot.

If the nfl coach challenges the ball spot the ball is respotted but does not result in a first down does the team get charged with a loss of a timeout and a challenge?

No. The challenge is of the spot and not whether a first down is made. If the ball, after replay, is spotted anywhere other than where it was spotted before the replay it is considered a successful challenge.